Thursday, October 7, 2021

Stencilling Again

Halloween month of the year is a good time to make something pretty. I have the tools: stencil, a board painted black, orange, yellow and green chalk paint and a few stencil brushes - and I made a stencilled decoration for my front porch.

I haven't made a stencilled piece for a long time and tonight I decided to make a Halloween themed decoration.

For those who know me I am working hard to put my changed life on an even keel. I am grateful for family and friends who check in and help if I ask. I have learned how to manage being the executor. Lots more work to be done but I have a check list to follow and so far I am doing ok.

Evening photos are ok but not as bright.

I am getting back to writing on my blog again and today is the first of many posts.

I am grateful for bloggers who have shared how they cope when their dear husband has passed. I am grateful for old friends who tell me how it was for them and how they coped. 

Thanks Dear Friends for visiting today.



  1. So glad to see your blog post today, Joy. I love your sweet Halloween decoration. I am still praying for you. ~Andrea xoxoxo

  2. Sucj a cute decoration.
    I can't imagine. I was never married long or loved well. My heart goes out to you.

  3. I love you and pray for you every day. I keep a list of the widows I know in my prayerbook.....I'm so kappy to see a post here today!
    I would love to have your address so I can send you a Christmas email is on the rohgt hand sideof my blog if you would like to sendit that way.....

  4. Very pretty project, I cope by crafting a lot of the time. I find I lose myself in the process...thinking of you.


Thanks for visiting. I read and appreciate all your comments. Joy

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