Saturday, October 30, 2021

Adding Vintage Furniture

Another trip to Village Antiques Mall in Fort Langley this week.

Rained but a large tarp was handy - DS drove us over in his truck - DGS wrapped the dresser and a lamp table, tied the tarp around and over the furniture and tightened it with straps to make sure they wouldn't move or get wet.

The lamp table was old when we found it in Eastern Canada about 50 years ago - original paint. DH and I had taken a cross Canada trip in our VW just after we started teaching and were amazed by all the huge barns that had old furniture to sell.

The green paint can still be seen on the wooden Hitchcock chair - I brought the chairs over Tuesday two weeks ago. These two pieces of furniture go well together.

The table top easel is holding the well worn out painting mentioned on Tuesday. A brass letter/key holder sits in front. 

Another old find from around 1975, found in North Vancouver in a thrift/furniture store. It is faux painted to look like a different wood and the colour has lasted well over the years. It was old when we found it. The whicker bed tray has also seen many years!

It is always interesting how drawer knobs disappear over time. The top drawer has the two originals and the other two drawers have miscellaneous found knobs.

Below is the second Hitchcock Chairs added along with the green Hitchcock Chair in all its ancient glory.

It is amazing how many pieces of vintage and very old furniture DH and I found over the 27 years I have been a reseller in an antiques mall. Started out as a hobby and expanded into a small business.

I remain fortunate to have a small business to keep myself interested and busy. 

Couldn't resist sharing the pumpkin carving artist in a local grocery store. 

 and his finished work...

DS and DGS have decorated our windows, carved a pumpkin, added some outside decorations and there is a large bowl of halloween treats ready for tomorrow evening.

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  1. Joy, I know I've mentioned this before but I must say it again.... I simply adore your booth. If I lived nearby I would be a weekly customer!! ~Andrea xoxoxo

  2. Replies
    1. Loved seeing all the "oldies and goodies". Especially the Hitchcock chairs. And the carved pumpkins are awesone! Look forward to seeing more of your treasures.

  3. Love the old furniture.
    Some of those pumpkins--wow!

  4. I would love to see your booth in person!! So many interesting things to see!
    How cool was that pumpkin carver????

  5. I love those chairs. I'm glad you're still doing your booths--it's certainly a hobby/business that's good for the mind. You find the coolest things, Joy.


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