Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Celebrating 2nd Vaccine !

Picked yesterday evening.

Today is my birthday.

I took stock over to my booths early this morning, did some tidying and was grateful that I could do that just before ....

getting my 2nd vaccine shot at noon today. That is a very good birthday present. It is 2 months earlier than originally expected and only 7 weeks after my first vaccine shot. 

Son brought my DGS to visit after school today - with a big bouquet of pink flowers. We sat and visited for two hours. Wonderful treat. They also brought milk shakes.

DGS texted Happy Birthday with Love too.

DH phoned from the hospital at 9 am to say I Love You. He discovered that his second vaccine can be given in the hospital so that was good news. 

Love Joy


  1. Happy Birthday to you! And, thank you for getting vaccinated! I hope you felt okay afterward.

  2. That's a marvelous birthay present! I got my second shot shortly before my birthday, too. It made me feel awful but it was worth it for sure. So great to be vaccinated! :) What gorgeous flowers!!

  3. A belated happy birthday Joy! Your flowers are magnificent! So glad to hear you are fully vaxxed. I expect you may be feeling a little bit of the side effects from it today, but it will pass.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Joy! We share the day. :)

  5. The best birthday ever! Your second shot is about the best present I can think of, plus you were adored by your family as you should be. Stay safe and Happy Birthday.


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