Thursday, March 4, 2021

A bit of cleaning and organizing in my booths

Started in mid-February making a few changes in my booth as weeks progressed. A piece of furniture sold, there was space ... so I moved a table to that space and added a few old wooden boxes into new empty space, used various baskets to hold the many cardboard mounted plastic sleeved early magazine advertising, pages from books, postcards, maps ... from the 1940-70's.

 and ... March arrived with more vintage additions, vintage homemade treasures - kitchen aprons,

moved the 'guy' shelves and added some great rusty pieces - a very old butter churn, a clamp I had forgotten about, an oak floor vent ....

... two old seats from farm equipment - well rusted - they brought back childhood memories.

(first try with overlay using PicMonkey) - the mugs and toy figures picture overlays the Dalmatians picture

2 books here (from the very large and wonderful collection of books for early readers, elementary students, history buffs, relaxation reading, cook books, how-to books ... filling many shelves).

Gardening books, a lovely dense yellow teapot and a soft lamb, green glass (thinking of St. Patrick's Day), a few Occupied Japan girl and boy figurines.

I continue to work one hour (before mall opens) each trip to my booths - continue to work safely (distance, mask, sanitize hands).  

A treat this week - I had four individual distance visits with friends this week (we used 12 feet and masks) to catch up on each other's current lives plus a lovely phone call catch up visit from another dear friend. 


Dear Friends

Keep safe




  1. Those Dr. Seuss books are even more valuable now, since they won't be printed anymore. Those should sell quickly for you. ~Andrea xoxo

  2. I could spend an hour or more just in your booth--LOL! ;)

  3. Your booth spaces look great, Joy. My sister and I are fully vaccinated now (relief!). We go in at opening, and even though there are customers, they are few and far between in our 18,000 sq ft mall. I often wonder how time-consuming it is to package and sell old advertising? I have several early 1900 magazines, just haven't had the gumption to spend the, said the lady who soaks, washed and irons hankies. We had a minor catastrophe this past week with a bookcase that sold. We went to move it and the framed glass door wasn't locked.....shattered as it flew open! We replaced it and the customer was happy in the end....
    Your picmonkey overlays look great! Have a good weekend.

  4. Very appropriate to display Dr Seuss books as all kids here celebrate his birthday in school this week. Your booth looks wonderful, stay safe.

  5. Oh my, yes, Joy, that rusty tractor seat brings back fond memories of riding on my dad's John Deere tractor through the fields of our farm. Such simple days back then. Your booth is filled with nostalgia, and I think I would have to spend a good deal of time looking through everything. The green glass is the perfect shade for St. Patrick's Day. You did a great job with Picmonkey! Hugs.


Thanks for visiting. I read and appreciate all your comments. Joy

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