Saturday, February 27, 2021

Happy Birthday Son

February had rain, snow, rain, sort of snow, a bit of hail and sunshine. Snowdrops. The first crocus. Coastal green grass and the poking tips of the spring the flowers to come.

February 27th.  Remembering back to birth of Dear Son. Remembering second hand maternity clothes and working until the day before he was born. Remembering all the years that have passed.

So, February 27th - and Son's 42nd birthday has arrived. A gift was chosen by him and kept out of sight when it arrived (as per his request).  Menu picked, dessert ordered. Bubble family gathering.

A year ago on his birthday he was in ICU and recovering.

and then ... Covid -19 became a word and worry and by March 17th non essential stores closed down and the store shelves were becoming bare. So many changes in the past year. Different ways to shop, businesses figuring out how to make things work. On line doctor appointments.  

This year, January was a month we will not forget.  

We can go forward keeping the guidelines to be safe, be kind, isolate as much as possible, wear a mask when out of our homes and do not gather at this time.  

Orange tulips and yellow daffodils from my favourite grocery store, went well with the birthday cake.

I find that people who return my hello or hi or wave as they walk by bring quick tears. We all keep our distance and wear our masks. After getting permission I pet their dogs that are out leash-walking with their owners.  Quick visits outside, keeping careful distance is becoming almost normal.

Hugs Friends



  1. It has been much to be thankful for despite the hard year. Thank goodness your son is here to celebrate his birthday. Stay safe.

  2. That's an accurate reading of emotions and daily life. Wish Graham a happy birthday for me.
    Take care, Joy. Thanks for posting.

  3. Yes, so very much has happened in the past year!
    Happy birthday to your little boy. (They will forever be out little boys, won't they?)

  4. Joy, I don't remember you mentioning your son in ICU last year, but I am sure glad he's here to celebrate his 42nd (and you too!). Happy Birthday to Graham! We are vaccinated, and anticipating going out for dinner soon. It still feels weird to do anything other than walking outside. We haven't shopped in stores, but I have gone to the antique mall at opening most every week to fluff the booths. I LOVE seeing the flowers of early spring. Thank you for sharing.


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