Thursday, January 28, 2021

Another Visit to My Booths

I enjoyed visiting Granny Sue's mall posts on her updates this month and decided to share another booth update too. 

Front area of my booths

 ... mixture of collectibles cupboards

collage from various shelves

a peek on the left side, upper booth

a collage of four other areas

I am grateful that blogger friends share how they have been getting through each day during the pandemic. It helps.

Hugs and Keep Safe



  1. Oh how I would love to visit your collectibles mall - I miss thrifting and antiquing so much.

  2. I finally broke through the pandemic scare and got out with my mash on which is mandatory here in my town. I would rather wear a mash shopping than stay home.
    I went to a wonderful antique mall in St Louis and guess you're not close by are you?
    I'm sure you get lots traffic anyway.


  3. I could browse through your store for hours! :)

  4. As a retired dealer, I'm curious as to why you have so many books and tins in an expensive space to rent. Tins sell for way under a dollar here and books for about the same, in NW Chicagoland, unless very special. You certainly have a lot of product in there. Sandi

  5. Wow, Joy--how well organized, bright and intriguing. I am always interested in seeing what others are doing, and what sells in different areas. Those hardy boy books would fly out of my booth, if I could ever find any. And tins do very well for me. I have heard that Tupperware is hot in some areas but that craze hasn't hit here yet, although I do sell some from time to time.

  6. So much great stuff! You have made the most out of your space. It looks inviting and the lighting inside the cases is terrific!

  7. Your booths look wonderful Joy. Keep up the good work and stay safe.


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