Thursday, December 31, 2020

December 31st Visit to My Booths

I have enjoyed my 'short' visits to stock, clean, re-arrange at my booths. Today was the 'last' day for December and I used my time to add a few nice pieces and remove Christmas stock.

First were two large plaster wall plaques of Heron.

Next - a large jar of vintage motel/hotel keys.

A lovely box of silverware - Nobility in original case

(before I took it to my booth)

Next, a red tool box added to the various tools, books, bits and pieces.

Finally, an antique dresser that took many hours of repairing and I was so happy that DH and DGS worked on it - all I did was wax the top. I didn't take it over today - we brought it over last week when it wasn't raining. Takes two to haul and install.

Happy New Year



  1. Lots of neat stuff! My favorite is the jar of keys.

  2. Happy new year, Joy! I've missed your posts, so I'm glad to see these new ones. The dresser is a beauty. And that jar of keys! I really like the way you stuff your booth full. I'm on a Facebook group for people who have booths, and some of them are so into making it all pretty that there's tons of wasted space where they could be selling things. I learned a lot from you, and this was one of the key lessons. Best wishes for a healthy, safe, and serene year, my friend.


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