Thursday, December 3, 2020

December 3 - Peek Into My Booths

Today was good. I think it was because I took yesterday day off, slept in, did a lot of paperwork and had a lovely supper.

I went over to my booths at Village Antiques Mall in Fort Langley and worked on Christmas.

Sunday and Monday I had gone over to clean and begin organizing for the Christmas season. I wrote myself a list of what I wanted to work on today.

It was quiet in the early morning - before the store opened and I swept, tidied, moved things around. I was glad I had a list to follow. I did wear a mask, I had sanitized my hands when I entered the store, I remained alert to any persons so that my mask was on and that there was a 6 foot space between us. Staff were in the building.

It remained quiet until 10:30 and I did get a lot of my planned work done. Happy me.

It was 0 degree C this morning when I left home - and foggy. By the time I arrived in Fort Langley the sun was shining and the fog had disappeared. It was a good beginning to the day.

The safety of all continues to be supported by all - follow the basic rules - wear a mask, wash/sanitize hands when entering a store, when arriving home and keeping 6 feet distance from others. Do not have any gatherings anywhere right now. Christmas will be different and that is ok, we can do it and be grateful we can.

Dr. Bonnie Henry and Minister Adrien Dix have kept us all informed with what is happening each day either on TV/Facebook, news and by written reports.

It is the Christmas period - and important for all communities - to not gather.

This year it has to be different because we need to take action together to protect those Health Care workers who are caring for us. We can continue with surgical lists. We are all still following the health orders from Public Health and Dr. Henry. We need to do this to take care of those we know and those we do not know.

Orders from Public Health that keep all of us safe include at this time - not to gather. No sport activities indoors, youth can have some outdoor sports at this time but not travel to play games. Orders for our safety are upgraded as necessary and are for all to follow. Orders are to keep us safe, to keep our families and friends safe and to keep ALL people safe.

So my Dear Friends

Keep Safe




  1. Yes--stay safe!
    I could see my first Corningware electric coffee maker on a shelf. You have so many interesting items. Have a safe weekend, Joy. :)

  2. Yes, stay safe... although some are refusing to do so. Here in the USA some people are so vehement about not wearing a mask & I simply don't understand. We are staying home too and having no one over... which is a HUGE change for us. Next year will be better. ~Andrea xoxo

  3. I was actually surprised you could play adult rec sports until she mandated it couldn't be. That hockey team should be charged - ridiculous in these times. Your booth looks lovely and how I would love to go through that building stem to stern. My husband has been to Fort Langley and loves it, wants me to go one day when things are better.

  4. I have the glasses with the red rims. LOL

  5. Joy - your booth looks fantastic. So many goodies!! I am pretty much staying in and away from everyone except Tiff and her family. They have quarantined since March so we do spend time together. It's really getting scary here. 54 cases yesterday. I always wear a mask and watch social distancing and get so frustrated with those who think it is ridiculous. Have a great week!

  6. lovely looking little shop you have there, so many interesting items
    hope you have a good xmas & better new year.
    stay safe
    thanx for sharing


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