Thursday, November 26, 2020

Looking Back on November

We started November with our 51st Anniversary - and the past seems so present.

Made a few trips to my sheds over the month and tidied the inside, made space for things and sorted more things a bit. Brought in a silver teapot that needed a good polish. Found a box of Occupied Japan small children ornaments with very old and stuck on old sticky masking tape prices which have been very time consuming to remove.

Colder weather. Lots of branch clippings, garden and flowers bagged and taken to the local green recycling depot. Hurrah.

Village Antiques Mall is full of past treasures to share. 

Remembrance Day remembered differently and safely this year - no gathering. Masks, 6 feet spaces between each person, sanitized hands, staying home to keep safe, if ill or just a bit not feeling well staying home is import to keep yourself and others safe from 'catching' or sharing germs. Facebook and local papers for 'how it was this year'. I wore a poppy and thought about our fathers and their young families back in the mid-1940's.

DGS put up the lights yesterday.  So many have their lights up now (and a week or two ago). Makes one smile, remember and be grateful we can drive around and enjoy. I don't know why there are green dots over the house, some reflection I am guessing.

More pretty views of Christmas from my booths.

Covid-19 virus is on the rise and isolation at home is important. Group anything is not to happen right now (and I know many just ignore this) as more and more people are becoming ill with Covid-19. Our provincial numbers are rising (and that is NOT a good thing).

As always


Keep Safe

Celebrate with those who live in your home

Phone or Skype or ... to talk to your loved ones and friends.

Write notes or letters to send with your cards.

Virtual Hugs

If my blog disappears it will be because Blooger is acting very strange - I had to move to my older computer to finish writing this post. Fingers crossed that I will be able to write again.



  1. Your booth and house look lovely. Have you tried goo remover on the tape? It might take some paint off though, if you use it test it first.

  2. I hope your blog doesn't go anywhere, Joy. I so love reading it. Your home is so bright & festive with the lights and your booths, of course, are inviting. I would spend hours looking at everything if I could. I'm sure I would be at *least* $100.00 lighter when I left. *haha* ~Andrea xoxo

  3. Happy Thanksgiving from the States! Your booths always look so intriguing--and I would die to have those plates, oh, my.

  4. Joy- You have been busy! Me, too. Keeping occupied with Covid raging helps, I think. I'm with you-stay home and stay safe to be able to celebrate holidays next year! xo Diana

  5. Thanks for the update, Joy. Pretty house!

  6. Always enjoy your updates, Joy. We are safe and sound and celebrated our Thanksgiving with just the two of us, and held a Zoom call for my husband's family. I delivered a meal to my brother and kept distance. I am still so grateful for good health, our home and so much more. Stay safe and be well.


Thanks for visiting. I read and appreciate all your comments. Joy

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