Thursday, October 29, 2020

October Getting Ready for Winter

Many memories in October. Mom's birthday was October 1st. My parents were married on October 14th and this year a wonderful Grandbaby was welcomed into my Sister's family group on the same month/day date. 

Memories from October 2018. I wrote a post on making pumpkins from my Dad's old orange shirts.  I had saved his orange t-shirts to make pumpkins.

Other memories from October - taking my young grandson to the Pumpkin Patch every October for many years. When he turned fifteen I asked if he would take ME to the pumpkin patch as a favour - and he did. That was our last together visit there.

So, what have I been doing for the past several weeks? Working. Outside. Scraping and painting. putting stuff away before the winter rain, snow and cold.  Snow shovels are ready. I took a picture of the back of the house/porch to show the white vs. the way the rails and spindles looked between early October and now. The weather has turned wet/damp and painting has most likely been finished although there is more I want to paint. Not going to worry about it though, the essentials are done.

I have been working in my back sheds - going through boxes of some nice stuff that has been put away for ...  maybe several years. Mixed those treasures in with other stock in my booths.

and a bit more...

Just a beginning touch of ... Christmas peeking in. 

My 'working at the mall' putting in stock remains the same each time I go over - arrive before the store is opened to the public, add fresh stock, tidy and ... leave before the store opens the doors to their customers. 

Wearing a mask, sanitizing my hands frequently, maintaining distance (minimum of 6 feet/2 meters) from others - and leaving the building or area if shoppers are not wearing masks/observing distance are the essential guidelines I follow any time I leave my home. 

Our Provincial guidelines to keep yourself and others safe -  2 m. distance from others - wear a mask, sanitize hands frequently for the safety of others as well as ourselves and families, only household members together at home, no additional persons at this time,  plus stay home if you are not well.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today

Keep Safe




  1. Your back porch looks so nice... the painting made a huge difference, as paint usually does. I just love your sales booth. I see many treasures I'd purchase if I was there. We are doing the same thing around here, as you have been: cleaning, tidying, raking, getting ready for winter. No small task, for sure. ~Andrea xoxo

  2. Nice post, Joy. Dear memories.

  3. Things that used to be normal are now special not-normal memories. We will get back to a more-normal eventually. Hopefully some time next year.

    Your booth area is so cool! I would be browsing for a long time because there is so much to see. :) Happy Halloween!

  4. Your booth would be fun to browse in.

  5. I would dearly love to browse in your booth!
    Love the October memories you shared....some kind of bittersweet but that makes them even more precious.

  6. Nice to catch up with you, Joy. I love seeing your booths--such a wide variety to choose from. Your house looks great. I know that's been a lot of work. I like the gray, very relaxing.

  7. Hi Joy! My computer has been down for months and just all of a sudden, started working again????? Our family Thanksgiving has been cancelled due to my sister's father in law passing away this weekend and the virus. I will spend the day with Tiff and her family. We stay in but do see each other. Hopefully, I can start blogging again. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


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