Friday, October 9, 2020

Late September and Early October Work

Learning ...

PicMonkey's revised and updated program from their very easy to use old version has made editing pictures, saving to the right folder and moving them into my post frustrating! I am slowly figuring things out and making myself notes for the sequences involved in editing photos and moving them to the correct folder. 

PicMonkey has been clear on why they had to make the changes and includes tutorials on how to use the tools.

I hope with practice (and writing notes as I figure out the correct sequences) will make using the new PicMonkey for editing photos and inserting them into my posts turn in to the new 'normal'. Blogger changed their basic post writing looks and sequence too and that has also slowed things down.

At my booths...

I have continued to visit the mall and add stock to my booths 5 times a week but only between 9 and 9:55 before shopping hours open at 10 am. I wear a mask when anyone is around and use hand sanitizer before arrival and after leaving. I avoid people and I do leave my area if anyone comes toward me and doesn't stop. I have a back door open and I 'step out' until my space is empty or close the doors behind me and ... come back another day.

Found a few more Halloween related ornaments (and black buttons) over the past several weeks. Put the buttons into wire closure small glass containers. The angry cat figure is old, the layers of atmosphere clings in the crevices, the real deal. 

A Welsh Fairing, The WelshTea Party, turkey salt and peppers and the shadow box framed garden have been taken to my booths.

Halloween stuffed pumpkin/teddy, faux orange pumpkin. bird feeder and a little purple haired troll are grouped on the organ bench.

Getting things ready outside for winter...

The back deck has taken mega hours of work repairing/ replacing/scrapping the spindles, painting and etc. Messy, tiring, day after day when it is not raining (or the air is unbreathable) and we continue working on that job. Getting closer to finished. Recycled every piece of wood back for spindles - scraped, glued as necessary, 2 coats paint ...

The narrow deck has been repainted dark grey, the siding on the back of the house is now a pale grey (it was a cedar light orange/tan before), the larger back deck has had any cracks patched and the deck has had its annual coating of deck paint in pale gray.

Since taking the photo above most of the spindles that were removed, repaired, cleaned, painted are re-attached. Railing tops are washed and 2 x's painted.

Spindles that were not removed have been scraped and washed and painted on 3 sides and the outside/not facing the deck surfaces remain as the next step for painting (involves ladders).

Garden jobs...

Cleaned up the 'finished' plants in the garden. Kale, a few flowers, chives, basil and cabbage remain for now.

Front porch and stairs and front  ...

The front porch has had the railings painted orange (curry colour) and the deck was painted (mid-brown).

Next up was re-painting the front door from curry orange to dark grey, door trim to be freshened with white. 

Washed the door, frames, windows, rinsed well, dried and after a couple of hours started painting the door on Tuesday this week - ran out of paint. I picked up more Wednesday morning and finished the door and threshold. Still to do - the white framing - and I noticed more cleaning/painting on railing is needed and letter box needs to be installed.

Back yard ...

The apple and pear trees produced a huge amount of fruit (as did the cherry tree) and the birds, racoons and various wild visitors ate what they wanted. The apples didn't mature so I have been gathering up the fallen apples for composting (small and not ripe) and the pears have been the delight for the wasps and flies. We did eat some (and they were delicious), I have been composting all the damaged pears as well.

Last year the fruit trees did not yield the volume of this years fruiting.

There are so many outdoor jobs that need to be done - picking the 'must be done' first and if the weather turns to rain and cold I will be grateful for what was accomplished and not worry.

A bit of stencilling fun...

Using pieces of wood painted with black chalkboard paint I stencilled small pumpkins and fall leaves to add to my Halloween bits and pieces in my booths.

My favourite treat is country driving past a dairy farm with the wonderfully large mixed herd of Jersey, Holstein and Guernsey and other cows whose breed I do not know. 

I see them as I drive to and from Village Antiques Mall. It makes me feel happy. 

Keep safe and keep well my friends.

Stay home




  1. Hi Joy, I like that shadow box at your shop. Home ownership is a continuous job of repairs and make overs. You did a good job. Entrance looks nice. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Joy, you have been extremely busy! You remind me of my local Panoply sister who just had her second knee replaced this summer. She's like a badger, working to get her yard cleaned up, her railings (much like yours) stabilized, and also helps me weekly in our antique booth spaces. We reset for Happy Thanksmas - Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, all together (but separated in vignettes). Have restful weekend.

  3. ps.....Picmonkey and Blogger have me a bit frustrated too!

  4. Wow! You have been really busy. The booth has such wonderful things in it and the house is looking refreshed. So much to do. Really looks like fall when the Halloween decorations come out. :)

  5. Oh love the old kid in a cat costume, so hard to find really old Halloween stuff. Your home improvements look great, especially the grey door next to the blue and grey glass, great choice. We too started early on our fall put away - trying to do on my good week between treatments. We set up an outside friend station so that in winter I can still see my friends (we all wear masks) and bundle up and stay out of the rain. We did slowly rip out most of the plants, just finally ripped out the last of the tomatoes that were still flowering. Still have a couple of flowers in pots that keep blooming and will stay there until they look raggedy. Stay safe and take care!

  6. It looks & sounds like life has been humming right along with you, Joy. Lots of projects which will make spring all that much nicer. I love your shop too... and am afraid I'd get lost in it and buy you out, if I were to visit. *haha* ~Andrea xoxo

  7. Somehow I missed reading this last post, Joy. I do hope all is well with you--lots of home improvement going on out your way, it seems, and it looks lovely. I am in love with your front door!


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