Sunday, September 6, 2020

Early September

Home maintenance jobs continue - a lot of scraping, sanding, re-painting railings and spindles - repairing spindles on the back deck has been a long job - a lot of removing, sanding and gluing and painting and re-installing started in August and is continuing into September. The 3 deck surfaces have been painted. NOW there is a wasp nest/group OVER the front door. I got the only bite - and the swelling and heat/pain lasted 4 days to calm down. 

We took our first out of town (with our own lunch/snacks/water) on a 6 hour outing. It was great to see the scenery along the route - last trip was the past November. Tiny holiday. I didn't take any photos (likely because we didn't stop).

Stock finding/cleaning/pricing/tagging and adding to my booths has continued.

Halloween party started early in my booth.

Added some lovely pieces.

Painted and stencilled Buffalo Check (stencil by Donna of Funky Junk Interiors) on a lazy susan. Finished with Fusion Tough Coat Sealer, 2 coats over 36 hours.

Garden is mostly finished. Pulled whatever was finished, cut back a lot of various branches as well, all bagged, took to green recycling - bags filled the back of the truck. Kale will continue into November I think, picked the last of the blueberries, chives are still available. I need to start planning for next spring on what grows best and what was not a good choice and what we want to eat (instead of planting anything that was available this late spring). 

I find that I am in the mood to go through piles of 'things' and decide if it stays or goes. Started small. Continuing on is my hopeful plan.

Hello Dear Friends

Keep Kind

Keep Calm

Keep Safe




  1. I really am scared of wasps! And bees, for that matter. Sorry you got bitten.
    Your booth looks so inviting. :)

  2. I always love looking at your booth pics! My favorite this time is that white cart!
    Wasps are deadly this time of year. There's little out there for them to eat and they seem to know they don't have long to live.....
    Louis Dean got stung by one last week but immediately out aloe Vera on it and it did not turn out to be a big deal. Another friend got stung in her back yard and it was awful!!

  3. Ouch to 4 days of wasp pain! We've done a fall flip in our booths, too (including a bit of Halloween). Your booth looks good. Thank goodness we can still enjoy that hobby, yes??
    Our county's schools just got delayed returning to classroom for start of instruction that was supposed to happen tomorrow. State Health Dept has rolling weekly data that places counties in green, yellow, orange and red status. Orange (our county's current status) would ordinarily just mean no extracurricular activities, but since it's the beginning of school year, the first week will be virtual.

  4. Your booth is so wonderful Joy. I hear you on wasp pain, I get a huge reaction from them, same with fire ants that have a similar venom. Stay safe.

  5. Joy, I love the lazy susan! Great pattern and colors. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  6. That buffalo check stencil is AWESOME! I think I need that in my life!! Been awhile since I've visited, Joy, so glad I did. :)


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