Friday, August 21, 2020

August Catch Up

August work followed July's routine - preparing stock and stocking my booths five days a week. 

Some lovely finds have been added and many pieces have found new homes.

I made 2 signs - went through the junk wood box for 2 pieces of wood, sanded, white washed and added stencils plus stencilled a bulletin board with Buffalo Check after underpainting. Two orange signs were updated - the orange pumpkin was stencilled and Autumn now has a curled wire hanger. Check out Donna of  Funky Junk Interiors stencils.

Repainted another sign.

Blueberries have been lovely fresh additions for breakfast. I plan to add two more blueberry bushes in the fall. Beans are almost finished and the kale has been a nice addition to my smoothies (kale went into smoothie before photo taken).

Large brown bags for recycling weeds, vines and branch cuttings are filled for their turn to go to the green dump in town.

Carport is cleaned and sorted and the black bags full of unusable things useless to anyone have gone to the dump. 

Recycled anything possible - took empty/old dried out paint, anything electric, plastic, cardboard to the Recycling Depot.

DGS made supper Tuesday night this week - tasty chicken, rice and salad.

Repairing and painting spindles and railings are well underway. Deck floors are all freshly painted.

Next up will be re-staining the cedar boards on the back of the house - about 8 feet of height and 20 feet of distance.

Now into the 7 month of stay-at-home, normal is always washing hands a LOT at home plus sanitizing before/after going into a store, keeping distance, no gatherings at all (of people), wearing masks when away from home (my collection is growing) and hand washing each mask as soon as I arrive home. I now automatically do NOT touching my face at any time when I am out.

I am grateful that we can keep safe, isolated, have lots of home tasks to work on and that I can continue the work needed for my booths.

Following the guidelines of our Province.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Keep Safe

No group gatherings

Hugs Dear Friends

Keep Safe


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  1. I see a few pieces in your booth that I myself have here at home... and several pieces I'd love to have here at home. *lol* I agree with you so much, Joy: Be Kind, Be Calm, Keep Safe. The "virus routine" is indeed starting to become second nature, isn't it. Love, Andrea xoxo


Thanks for visiting. I read and appreciate all your comments. Joy

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