Friday, July 17, 2020

Mid July - Garden, Work, Small Projects

Daily life keeps me busy - just getting things done that have to be done.

I added 3 garden photos plus 3 images shared from the Graphics Fairy's collection - and put them in my booths at Village Antiques Mall.

Groceries - ok, we are now familiar with that. I have added another store since I am going to the mall 5 times a week now - Lee's in Fort Langley - It has been my grocery store for 25 years and I had really missed the people who work there (like old friends now) as well as knowing what they carry and where they shelve things. Shopping is different because of Covid-19 and we all follow the rules - masks, hand sanitizing, distance and we do not touch items we are not buying, dawdle or visit - just say hi - how are things going and... finished and gone. We bag our groceries, respectfully stay behind the cashiers shields and be as cheerful as possible without overdoing it.

Garden - rains a lot on coastal BC this summer so I haven't had to water. Peas and carrots and blueberries are picked every two or three days.  Strawberries are just a few little treats as are the raspberries. A few tomatoes have set their yellow flowers. Pink roses share their beauty and the daisy and zinnia have started to bloom. Forecast is a week of sunshine so I will be watering.

Mall stuff - writing stock up and putting in mall 5 days a week - I continue with my 9:10 to 9:50 routine for arriving and leaving my booths - before customers arrive, wear a mask, sanitize my hands before, during and after working.

Home stuff - I feel slow and low on energy and tired - I realize I am not eating many vegetables or fruit or protein - it has been more like chocolate stuff, cereal, coffee, bread and jam and pasta stuff. That likely is part of my problem so I have begun to focus on eating fruit, started eating raw and steamed vegetables, working on protein. 

Evenings when everyone has settled down I perk up and do get things like run the dishwasher, counters wiped, load of laundry running, garbage collected, get a few small chores done.

I never catch up on things that should be done and it is very rare to keep up the jobs I used to consider 'need to be done' as I did before March 17, 2020 when our Province/Country began to shut things down and we slowly learned another way of getting through each day, each week, each problem or issue or worry or ... 

Thank you Dr. Bonnie Henry the Specialist Health Officer and Health Minister Dix and Premier Horgan for insuring the Phases of what activities are safe to resume and for accurate daily updates on the Covid-19 pandemic in our Province.

Keep Safe




  1. Thanks for sharing about Rick. So sad. Loved his blog.

  2. Glad you are able to be there mornings before the store opens. Having that to do--well, you are getting that done all the time. That has to be a bit of a motivator. :)

    Garden looks great. Glad everyone is well. :) :)

  3. Glad you are out an about, that in itself can make you tired. Stay safe Joy.

  4. It is a crazy world we live in right now, Joy. Like you, we are taking extra precautions to prevent contracting Covid. I hope that one day soon we will be able to go back to some semblance of a normal life. xo Diana


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