Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Round Up - June 2020

Gave myself the gift of time this month. I read my friends' posts, check out Instagram to see how family and friends are and then get to work. 

Village Antiques Mall opened up June 1st after 2 1/2 months of being closed (Covid) and I have worked many hours to get stock ready and into my booths there. 

The Mall followed the spacing, number, hand cleaning and masks rules, the direction to walk and the divided space for coming in and checking out.  30 people were allowed at any one time to shop. I haven't cleaned or dusted this month at my booth but I have added some great stock.

Gardening at home? Well, since it has rained a few days each week I didn't have to water. I also did not weed. DGS mowed the lawn two (or was it three times) this month and did a bit of weed-eating. I can see what needs to be done but I have not had the energy/time to take care of more than the basics.

Mostly I kept up the laundry, dishwasher and tidying, did meals, grocery shopping twice a week - with a list, quickly, wearing a mask and washing hands/cleaning hands before and after shopping and as soon as I got home. Washed fruit and vegetables.

Taxes were filed on time (with the extension thank goodness in place).

I have been writing up stock daily, packing and taking it over to my booths, arriving 9 am each morning and leaving for home at 9:55 before customers come into the Village Antiques Mall. I wear a mask when anyone is within sight. 

I tie all necessary shopping to after the stocking, Some days I am exhausted. Hand sanitize or wash multiple times each day, especially when leaving one place to head for another and repeat. Keep hand sanitizer in the car and use it frequently - when getting in, leaving, getting back in and repeat.

I suspect I am like many who have so much work that must be done, work that should be done and little energy/time left for much else. I notice I rest more in the afternoon, stay awake too late at night, wake up several times each night and feel tired most of the time.

I have been re-reading favourite books, sometimes listen to music, sometimes tell my brain that I will NOT think about what CAN happen if COVID starts the 2nd go round. 

My job is to follow the safety rules - keep distance, wear a mask, wash my hands and stay home if not feeling well. I also will not gather in small groups period. Keeping my family safe. Keep safe. 

Thanks, always, for visiting.

Keep safe.




  1. You have a lovely booth. Take care and be safe

  2. It was great catching up with you! I would dearly love to browse your shop and always linger over your photos. Covid is still raging here in Texas so we are being very careful. I'm glad you got to open up your shop again.....

  3. You have lots of interesting, charming, and pretty things in your booth and are doing everything right. That's all any of us can do. Follow all the safety precautions and try not to dwell on the what ifs. Go through our days the best way we can. love and hugs!! :)

  4. Love things in your booth Joy. Glad you are up and running again. Stay safe.

  5. your booth looks fantastic! Great job. I haven't been out to any shops for several months. Am ready to but things just don't seem to be getting any better here. Am ready for a new normal. Stay well and safe.

  6. Somehow I missed this post--I was thinking today to check in with you as I hadn't seen anything lately. Your booths look fantastic. And so does you garden. WE're struggling with lack of rain here-no rain now in almost 3 weeks. It's getting pretty bad. We water every day but that's not the same.

  7. I love your booth! So much eye candy!
    You are doing well to do what you do, which is a LOT in my opinon. It is beginning to wear on my spirits now, I think. I know it does mine. It's so hard to remember everything we are supposed to be doing and I try to quarantine every time Dean and Sherry go out or Summer or whomever. I don't want to get the virus or for Louis Dean and I sure don't want to give it to someone else!
    I am holding on to a favorite scripture that has always helped me.....And it came to pass.....and it will.
    Love you, Joy!


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