Saturday, May 16, 2020

Week 9 Staying Home Journal

May 9 - 15th

May 9th - Saturday

Front yard has been tidied, the grass is short, edges are clean, dead branches on the tallest rose bush have been removed, everything looks wonderful - this was my early birthday present from our dear friend Val.

Bluebells and Cornflowers are abundant, the pink geranium has begun its job of sharing blossoms.

Roses are announcing their treasures, one bud on Saturday and now...

May 10th - Sunday - Mother's Day

5 dark reds to white buds, such delicious smelling roses are almost ready to share their glory.

The roses below were from my Mom's funeral in 2013 - I was in the hospital and couldn't be there but my Sister brought over the bouquet and I made it part of a memory vignette. Today, remembering the best memories of my Mom. Yes, a few tears too.

DGS shopped online and wrapped his Mother's Day gift way more than a week ago and and made sure he took it home to his Mom's last Sunday. Sugar was involved as was something foamy for a relaxing bath. 

May 11th - Monday  

Grocery day. I seemed to let the morning float past today. It was late evening when I moved my recycling bags from the house to the curb.

May 12th - Tuesday

Another day floated past. Small necessary jobs were done and I made a late evening pleated mask.

May 13th - Wednesday

I had my first on-line visual doctor's appointment today. I now have a small list that takes a great deal of time - stuff I need to do/make happen before my next (maybe in person) in 3 months. 

DH walked past my kitchen work station this evening and said "this is one of your favourite vignettes" and it was! 

Computer - writing this post, Sewing Machine  - from sewing a pleated mask on Tuesday, Iron - ditto. 2 phones (holding my cell to take the photo). Piles of paper I am working on, a few collectibles in a tray and under the table plus a cup of coffee.

May 14th - Thursday

Paperwork all afternoon and then I couldn't find the file holding the balance of the work I needed to finish. Decided that I would try to finish tomorrow.

May 15th - Friday

and ...I found the folder this morning in 'another pile of folders' in the living room.

Friday at 3:48 pm (the office closes at 4 pm) I was outside the entry to the office building with my thick file of work in an envelope addressed to the person who works in another town. 

Phoned the office (following directions on the door), was told the procedure to follow which was stay where I was outside and the very helpful lady opened the front door. We kept our distance.  As I handed her the thick envelope with the paperwork, she put a receipt on the envelope, I picked it up, she took the envelope, I thanked her and left. So very glad I finished that job. 

First oriental poppy bloom this year.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Stay Safe




  1. Your yard is looking stunning. Medical things are so much different these days, aren't they?

  2. You have had a very busy week! That poppy is stunning! Stay safe.

  3. I'm amazed at how the days float past, too. :)
    Lovely poppy!


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