Saturday, May 9, 2020

Week 8 Staying Home Journal

May 2 - 8

A week in the life of ... staying in place (except for groceries).


May 2 - Saturday

Stayed in, read, rested, made meals, did laundry, ran dishwasher. My energy has not picked up, I have all this TIME and I am not doing anything beyond the basics of keeping the household running.

May 3 - Sunday

Rain, hail and at 7:30 pm sunshine. Day was much the same as yesterday.

May 4 - Monday

Made myself a must do job list. Cut back on TV News, FB News. Told myself that if sounds bother me I will wear ear plugs. Walked around my back yard to see what was budding, leafing, getting ready for the blueberries, how the beans and peas and carrots were doing.

The peony plants are getting ready for their glory time.

I gave myself permission to take care of business. Went grocery shopping TWICE - different stores - stocked up for everyone in the family for 2 weeks and picked up a Heirloom tomato plant and a white daisy plant at Bruce's. For some reason all of this helped clear my covid messed up thinking. Read another book. 

Washed my hands a lot, kept distance, used hand sanitizer several times while out, watched where I was and where other people were and we were all being careful to keep distance.

It is also 'put out the recycling and garbage' night and I got that done before it was dark. Went to bed by midnight.

May 5 - Tuesday

Recycling was picked up at 7 am, garbage will be picked up around 2 pm. I actually got up at 7 am - this makes a good start to my promise to me to take charge of myself and not dwell on this new way of doing things in the world.

Day warmed up and I went on a quiet walk (no one else in sight in either direction).

Busy day, finished one part of the job that has to be sent to (xx), 2 more parts to be finished. I sorted by date and that made it easier to find out what was missing.

May 6 - Wednesday

Cloudy, windy, cold outside kind of day. Didn't put my bedding plants outside.

Today was a 'more paperwork' day. Sorting paper into appropriate folders, getting necessary paperwork copied and ready to send in, final sort of tax paperwork before getting each set ready for the accountant. All things that must be done, no choice, on deadlines. 

Cleared off one dresser top and sorted ALL the paper pile into various file folders. Folded and put away clean laundry.

Next week I have a virtual appointment (never had one before) with a an Orthopedic Surgeon I have never met and I want to have a 'no mess behind me' background. Another dresser to be cleared off another day.

The afternoon heated up, sunshine was lovely and I went for a long walk - around and around a very large and very empty parking lot.

May 7 - Thursday

Did a bit more weed bagging in prep. for the next run to the green recycling centre, checked on the garden.

Took a few pictures of backyard flowers too. Lilacs are a favourites this time of year. 

May 8 - Friday

Didn't get my planned work even started today. Slept in too long. In the late evening the house alarm beeped every few minutes (and it had been beeping about 3-4 times a day before that) we decided to remove the battery and unplug the electricity to it. Quiet. Peace. I had already contacted the company and set up a 'replace it please' order but ... things are very much on hold now until ... 

New buds from plants added last spring - lilac, red rhodo and dark orange azalea. DGS dug the holes and planted them for me. The rhodo was my birthday present from DGS last year.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Stay Safe




  1. So nice to catch up with you, Joy. It's odd how much this virus makes us tired, even though we're not sick! I started thyroid meds this week and feel better already. So that was part of the issue, the rest is just that underlying stress. We're having a terrible cold snap, so another worry there about the plants. Can't possibly cover everything.

  2. Spring seems to be reluctant coming here in Michigan. Most days still cold, windy. Brrr. My daughter's tomato plants look sad as they got too cold one day even tho' the sun was out some.

    I am cold all the time unless I wear six layers. Makes me not want to do anything but crawl under the covers!

    Good job on your days of productiveness last week. I should make myself a list. I have been nowhere except the doctor since the quarantine started. My daughter orders groceries to be delivered so don't shop. I'd like to go flower shopping, but don't know if I will. Have tried to order a couple things online but most things I want are sold out. We'll see. Maybe I'll suit up in my mask and gloves and go anyway.

    Made Mothers Day cards today for my two daughters since I couldn't go to store to buy. I enjoyed making them and it cost less!

    Stay safe and well.

  3. I seem to have a cycle of getting things done and then being too exhausted. I have always had that to some degree with the fibro and all but this seems more pronounced and more emotional. Like you, when I stay away from the news a lot more and get things done I feel much better. Also when I do not sleep in so late. ;) I think there is more of an adjustment to this new way of life than I first thought. Have a wonderful weekend, Joy. :)

  4. You have been very busy Joy. Happy Mother's Day and stay safe my friend.

  5. I am so happy that you can at least get outside and have things growing and blooming and green. We are late with spring and it was spitting snow earlier this weekend. Nothing blooming yet.
    You have kept busy and I think that is a big part of not going crazy under lock-down. happy Mother's Day- hugs- Diana

  6. Hi Joy, I'm in South Surrey, not far from your neighbourhood.
    re: "In the late evening the house alarm beeped every few minutes (and it had been beeping about 3-4 times a day before that) we decided to remove the battery and unplug the electricity to it. Quiet. Peace. I had already contacted the company and set up a 'replace it please' order but ... things are very much on hold now until .."

    It may just be a simple task of replacing the battery for the alarm system. If you can disconnect the leads to the battery (which you seem to have done), just take the old battery to
    they have locations in Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford ... I'm not affiliated with them in any way, but have used them many times. Disconnect the old battery, take it with you and they will advise...

  7. Hi Joy, I enjoyed reading about your week in lockdown, despite everything you did manage to do such a lot! So good to see the plants and seedlings coming through, Spring will still be Spring and life will go on just differently. Enjoy your walks, hope all goes well with you virtual Dr's appointment and stay safe.


Thanks for visiting. I read and appreciate all your comments. Joy

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