Saturday, May 2, 2020

Week 7 Staying Home Journal

April 25 to May 1

April 25th - Saturday

Quiet birthday for DH. Light rain today, cooler temperatures. Sunshine in the mid afternoon. Salmon birthday dinner, lemon tarts to go with our coffee.

Had a lovely long walk in a huge empty parking lot - no cars, a mom and son with a kite way out on the grounds beyond the playing fields. Brisk breezes and sunshine. Time to breathe deeply and watch the clouds and sunshine and trees and not think too much.

Laundry, dishwasher, routine stuff.

Watched news in the morning for awhile and Dr. Henry's daily report at 3 pm. Spent some time on paperwork, not wanting to but knowing I needed to.

April 26th - Sunday

A day at home, quiet. Reading, resting, meals were made.

April 27th - Monday

Favourite day - recycling is the highlight of the week and has to be put out Monday night for a 7 am Tuesday pickup.


April 28th - Tuesday

Love the pickups - reycyling and garbage gone and the sorting and bagging starts again.

The days sometimes just happen and the day is blurred into what is it?

I spent several hours sorting out what pieces of paper are required before taking the tax prep work to the accountant. Every year the prep work seems to expand. No magic wand available for simplifying.

April 29 - Wednesday

I did find my folding stand that can hold a phone to a kindle to an ipad. Looked everywhere (except) the living room dresser (which is where I did find it after sitting and telling DH that I couldn't find it anywhere),  basement storage room, all the drawers in my room, everywhere that had a nook to put things in.

My hands are grateful to turn the job over to the stand for solitaire and reading. 

I 'put' a lot of stuff in 'other places' when I removed most of the contents for my bedroom makeover in November. 

I think I need to write notes to myself so I can find where I safely store small treasures. Now if I could only remember where I put ..... 

Picked up a few more bedding plants - and planted them today. This section has marigolds added.

April 30 - Thursday

Posted Welcome May today. Set out more peas in my garden plot and potted up the 2 tomato plants I picked up yesterday.

Today was a putter and tidy and put things away day.

May 1 - Friday

Welcome May

The beginning of May - added more flowers to my front yard planters. I think they are now 'full', four dahlia plants in back row, 12 white alyssum in back row and 18 purple alyssum in front row.

Another painted addition seen at Bruce's Market.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Stay Safe




  1. Glad you found your stand, I hate losing things. Your tomatoes are doing so well. Mine seemed to have stopped growing, not certain why. Will buy tomato plants if necessary as they do so bloody well here

  2. I keep reading your entries, and when I get to the bottom, I notice that your copyright date ends in 2019. Maybe you could change it to 2020? I know...such is life in the middle of a pandemic! Stay safe!

  3. I had the same thing happen last night. After I cleaned and organized in the bathroom a while back I went to find something last night and had to look and look for it--LOL! Everything is coming along beautifully in your yard!

  4. Happy late Birthday to you DH. I love your beautiful flowers. Stay well and safe.

  5. Yes, some days--like yesterday--just seem to go by in a haze, nothing much happening and yet full and busy. The flowers are so pretty.

  6. Hello, happy belated birthday to your DH! Hubby and I are always loosing things, they can not go too far. Your tulips and bluebells are pretty. We are waiting for the last frost before planting. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend ahead.


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