Saturday, May 30, 2020

Week 11 Staying at Home Journal

May 23 - 29

My favourite roses

The 11th week of staying-at- home in BC. We are a very fortunate province - Dr. Bonnie Henry has kept us up with every statistic plus how people are doing, in a kind and factual way every day and she and Minister of Health Dix have been clear and concise in sharing the daily current information and answering the phone-in questions right after their updates regarding the Covid -19  pandemic as it has moved through our province. Distancing has been so essential. Staying at home has been so essential. Washing hands has been so essential. Do not touch your face. Wearing a non-medical mask when in public is strongly suggested, knowing that some cannot. The Federal updates are constantly shared, updated, current.

May 23 - Saturday

Slow start to the day - and finally I decided to weed and put the strawberry plants out.  There is a lot of tiding up needed around the raised beds but I decided it was not a priority for me.

I suspect they were very grateful to spread their roots.

May 24 - Sunday

A day like so many others, taking care of household business. Feeling tired. Stayed home. 

May 25 - Monday

Paper work and writing up stock took most of the day - it had to be done. Regular household jobs

May 26 - Tuesday

Seriously, more paperwork and finished it except for the final check which I will do in the morning.

May 27 - Wednesday

Today I took that paperwork to the person who does our filing. I thought I would feel relieved but I just felt tired and somewhat teary. 

I did pick up some groceries and a tart - very tart lemon, very old style. Nice. Also bought 2 more masks. The white one is easiest to wear for an extended time - it has no inside folded seam to rub the bridge of my nose, just a fold over and serger edge and then top stitching.

Wrote up stock off and on the rest of the day. Everything is packed and ready to go to VAM in the morning.

Did meals, laundry, dishwasher, the usual jobs.

May 28 - Thursday

Headed over to Village Antiques Mall with the bags and boxes of stock I am putting in today. The mall is opening to customers on June 1st. I have my hand cleaner, white mask, planned for a quick stocking and then leave short morning. Did talk to the mall owner to get caught up on what the changes will be (yes, from a distance). 

One picture to share after adding stock

The front of the store, changes:

A long framed plexiglass is attached in place in front of the cashier counter, a table that provides correct distance from the counter is set up for purchases to be placed, it is clearly set up where customers will wait on the specified distance while their choices are written up and wrapped. Staff have masks, face protection if they choose, hand cleaner and will be wiping down surfaces between customers. There is hand cleaner on the table for the customers (as well as an area outside the store for hand cleaning). Washrooms are closed (I noticed this in the grocery store across the street as well, so I am guessing this is a safety measure).

Back home:

Planted the rest of my vegetables this afternoon, hand watered twice. I think they are very relieved to be in the soil. The peas are blooming and a few peas have begun. The carrots are showing their orange so I covered them with more soil. I suspect I put the lettuce in too late.

May 29 - Friday

I had planned to go over to the mall and add more stock today but I could NOT find my florist wire (needed to attach an A to a B type idea).

Watered the small garden, did household stuff. The cherry tree is attracting racoons in the dark - last night after midnight I heard their 'cheeping' sound for quite some time.

Other than that, I did the usual home care work, meals, dishwasher, laundry and read a few chapters.

I also made myself a 'whatever is left in the fridge' supper - delicious. Added crushed tostitos, salsa, sour cream and stirred a few more times before serving (yes there were leftovers for tomorrow).

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Keep safe




  1. Glad your antique mall is opening up. No public washrooms is common now, tough for families and those with issues to go out though. Your plants are coming along nicely! Now we need some sun, not too hot, maybe 20 degrees :)

  2. Your garden is coming along nicely. That throw together meal looks amazing. We're having a throw-together meal toning. I can't wait.

    We've spent a lot of time the last few months doing things here at home. Our garden is the best one we've ever had and other projects are coming along nicely.
    Stay safe Joy.

  3. That's exciting that your mall will be open again in June. Garden is coming along well. Days get filled quickly with all the regular stuff here, too. :)

  4. Fabulous yellow flowers!That food looks good!

  5. Your left over meal looks good. I frequently have left over or what's left in the fridge meals too as I hate waste, and most of the time they are good meals, sometimes though I don't get it right! Your vegie garden looks good too, won't be long and you'll have plenty for cooking. Take care.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Very nice yellow roses at the top of the post. I'm glad I'm retired and no longer have to figure out safe ways to work through this pandemic.

  7. Sounds busy as can be, Joy! I sure wish I could visit your booth one day. Lots of treasures there.

  8. It's if funny how rhythmic our days seem to become? Love the roses and gardening you have going....and would LOVE to visit your little corner of the mall. Lots of treasures there, I'm sure. Stay safe while things open up. Who would have thought that visits would cause us angst?!?


Thanks for visiting. I read and appreciate all your comments. Joy

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