Saturday, May 23, 2020

Week 10 Staying at Home Journal

May 16 - 22

Victoria Day Long Weekend 16th - 18th

May 16 - Saturday

Rain, not heavy just light and ongoing. Planted more flowers in the front planters. Working outside in the light rain was soothing.

Added another red geranium and a dark pink petunia in the back row.

I cleaned out the square planter beside the driveway and added a white daisy plant and seven zinnia.

Cleaned a great deal of green moss and weeds around this area - wet weeds are so much easier to remove.

May 17 - Sunday

Didn't do much, had to pick up a RX and a few groceries. Did laundry, dishwasher, meals, made coffee, planted a couple of vegetables, put the bedding plants out on the deck, watered them, brought them in at dusk. Just the normal sort of a very quiet day. 

The Iris have started to bloom.

May 18 - Monday

Happy Birthday Gail

First blossoms on the lilac DGS planted last June. 

Basically, same routines as yesterday minus going out.

The weather forecast sunshine but we have clouds, a bit of sun now and then, 22 degree C. I have rested quite a bit today. I know I have to get the next paperwork done and today has to be the day to begin.

May 19 - Tuesday

After the long weekend the Doctor's answering machine remained full and no messages could be left so decided to drive over to Emergency  and was seen by the Doctor and a great Nurse. Got the help needed.

May 20 - Wednesday

Peony buds are currently supporting some hungry ants.

Went to Bruce's Market for groceries and bought a locally made flowered fabric face mask. Why not! The sliders for fitting to ears are great. Inspiration to use fabric on hand to learn more from this mask. Face Masks are now 'recommended' in Canada when out in public areas. Wearing one with glasses sure does fog the lenses. I wear one when outside of our home.

May 21 - Thursday

Heavy rain, some hail. Got wet changing drivers plus the distance from the van to the front door.

First Peony has started to open.

New post out today After the 3rd (this week) hospital trip (not for me) I drove DS to Mission so he could pick up the truck (repairs finished) and drive it home. I do not enjoy driving in heavy traffic. I did a lot of driving today and it was wearing. Groceries, regular jobs around the house.

May 22 - Friday

The week had the 'where did all the time go' feel. I was exhausted and read one book, started another, made meals, did laundry, dishwasher, bedding plants out and back in. Turn the heat on. Rested, didn't finish any paperwork. Last day for hospital trip.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Keep safe




  1. Your flowers are lovely. I haven't seen any of those masks with the sliders, great idea. We are still wearing our masks inside stores - Costco Canada is now requesting everyone wear them which I think is a great idea.

  2. I wish you lived nearby. We need more people plantings flowers for our bees.

  3. Nice mask, Joy! I like the sliders. I bought a few that one of our antique mall owners made. I think these will be part of our wardrobes for a long time!

  4. I love the sliders on the mask, great idea. Love your beautiful flowers Joy. Stay safe.

  5. Your flowers look great! I've made quite a few masks for friends and family. Mine are the pleated type. Need to try some different patterns. Stay well and safe.


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