Thursday, May 14, 2020

This Spring This Life Now

Changes that change so much of our lives, our feelings, our thoughts, our time, a new way of living carefully.

We stay-in-place, do not gather as groups in public, wash our hands so many many times each day, wear a home-made mask so we don't share any coughs or talking spit when we are out. Virtual doctor appointments, school/zoom/teacher interaction, church, exercise classes, zoom meetings and so much more on-line interactions are becoming the normal for now.

This year I hope to actually mail my Sister's Birthday Card (but just in case, I took a picture so she knows I love her, I remember her birthday (and I remember being children together) and a virtual hug is included.

Thank goodness for other bloggers who share their days and weeks. Reading how others are coping staying home helps.

Thank goodness for those who remain positive, careful, safe, helpful, honest, caring. 

This heart Thank You was from someone or a group in the community.

Look at the happiness in the faces painted board (again, on the wall along with a great many painted by children boards). Treasures.

Holding a door open and remaining 6 feet apart so the next person can safely enter or leave or moving yourself 6 feet away if someone moves into your zone - and being ok with saying thank you, smile, letting someone go ahead of you in line and being meaningfully kind.

Watching ahead and around while shopping for groceries and keeping our distance from others. If someone does not keep the 6 foot distance from you then you will find a way to be safe without being insulting to others, you will carry on being careful for yourself and others with sympathy or empathy.

Wearing a mask when grocery/shopping to protect others from our coughs, talking/spit, sniffles, not touching your face is becoming almost normal.

Used a bottom sheet, with some tears, to cut out the rectangle to use for my mask # 2 attempt. Still have to figure out making nice end joins when adding the ties. During this season of our lives I seem to try making things after 11 pm when the home is quiet. 

Look - a child painted a green smiling (with lots of teeth) rock and secretly left it on my planter - what a lovely secret surprise. I smile every time I look at it.

Thanking those who are essential and who put their own lives on the line for all of us.

I weeded my small garden Wednesday afternoon - vine weeds, buttercups, the very long rooted grass mostly.

Picked up one more tomato plant, potted two in white/black flower pots Tuesday (from their small plastic starter beginnings).

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Stay Safe



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  1. It is such a different world now, isn't it. Yet there is some peace too. I feel so thankful--and guilty--for all those putting their lives out there to keep the important parts running while I hole up. I especially like keeping up with blog friends, just knowing that everyone is okay. Lovely card for your sister!

  2. Thank you for the kindness you are sharing in this post. I believe that the majority of people are feeling as you are - that we all need to be patient and kind to those around us while we keep ourselves (and them) safe. So comforting to read your words about caring for yourself and others. Thanks!

  3. Things sure are different Joy. I am glad you are safe. So many people in Florida are now acting like this is nothing, out shopping and not wearing masks, no six feet apart although I am still trying to do all of that. Plus sanitizing every time I am in or out of the car. Stay safe.

  4. What a lovely post. I'm so thrilled that someone left you a painted rock! Glad you are staying safe and well.

  5. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog about the slip knot tie masks. I was then able to find your wonderful blog! Always interested in checking out another "Joy's" blog. Using the bottom sheet to make masks is a great idea, especially when its a color that men like to wear. And, you upcycled! I also had many businesses that requested solid colors. Also sheets these days are a high count cotton which is great for masks I'm told?

  6. Loved your warm, friendly post - have a great week!

  7. Joy - generally, I am finding that people are more kind and aware these days. Or they are the folks who think the whole thing has been overblown - and I think they should go spend a few days in New York. Sorry. One of my sisters-in-law gave me this link for masks, and it has a good method to attach the straps/elastic. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  8. Hello Joy, Love the hearts, happy faces and painted rock. It is great you are staying positive and keeping calm. I find their are always things to do around home. Your mask turned out great, I have some old sheets I could use for a mask. Great idea! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  9. Blogging has been a Godsend during all of this, hasn't it? I love reading what other people are doing and how they are managing. Love the signs and painted rock! It's nice to see so many caring people around! Have a good week! Love your mask!

  10. Our life changed with Corona. We never can back to the normality we had known... with the change we got a chance, to make a better World. Isn't?

    Stay healthy. Happy MosaicMonday

  11. Hi Joy, I tried to leave a comment earlier today but it didn't happen it seems. Seeing the artwork as we go about our not quite normal daily lives makes me smile. Here in UK the children are painting rainbows and placing them in the windows of their homes, a friend sent one to me and I have it displayed where any visitors (!) will see it.
    I do hope that you will pop over and visit my new blog "turning the page" if you get the chance.
    Maggie (Normandy LIfe)

  12. Joy, What a surprise of a smiley face on your planter! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.

  13. The button heart is so pretty and colorful.
    Gardening seems to be the new hobby for all us home bound folks.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


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