Thursday, May 28, 2020

May Thrifted Finds From Many Years Ago

The Peonies have starting sharing their perfume and wide open beauty this week.

Still in the stay-at-home time of life with thrift stores closed, no garage sales and collectibles stores closed (since mid-March) till now (or later). 

To reopen each store has to prepare their business according to the rules for safety and many businesses are opening with care and only a few customers allowed at a time in the store. 

There is a modified 'opening' at Village Antiques Mall planned for June 1st. The number of people including staff that will be in the building will be no more than 40 at a time and the rules for all stores will be followed (direction, spacing, plexiglass between cashier and customers, hand sanitizing, with masks suggested). 

I moved stock up from my big storeroom and have been writing up stock and getting things ready to take in today (many of the dealers at Village Antiques Mall have been there, working this past week, adding stock, cleaning their spaces etc.).

When I go to Village Antiques Mall I will wear a mask, stay away from others who are in the store, use my hand cleaner and work quickly putting in stock then leave, clean my hands again. No visiting. No checking other booths in the mall. It will feel very different.

So, what do I have to share for May 2020's Thrifted Finds?

Some sorting of my collectibles upstairs happened and a few pieces of metal, a book and a ceramic cat decided to drop in and show off. No dust removal, just as they were. They have been living together for a very long time on a shelf that is backed by a vintage linen table cloth curtain.

What is not to love about the cast iron bulldog.

New from Hudson Bay in early 1975, 
a ceramic bookends cat.

Book : Radio for the Millions

Touring car with a few missing parts.

Cast iron clamp

Stanley No. 12

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Stay Safe



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  1. Those book ends are pretty amazing and that bulldog! Our Salvation Army stores have opened here although I haven't been (I found out from a facebook group about local businesses). Value Village is open but I hate them. My favorite 2 charity thrift stores haven't opened, not sure when as most are operated by seniors so who knows when. I am in no shape to thrift yet but in a couple of weeks....

  2. Those peonies caught my eye!Great finds.Blessings!

  3. Life is so different now.....
    ecept for when we are down here in the coutry and then I tend to forget all about this whole Covid 19 thing. Alas, we go home tomorrow and it will all be very real again.

  4. Some great finds there, Joy. It is so weird to drive by the consignment shops, etc., and see them all closed and shuttered. I am beginning to think we will never go back to what was once normal. xo Diana

  5. HI,
    The dog is a Boston Terrier. I have the same one as you, it belonged to my Grandfather.
    Take Care and Be safe

  6. Love the flowers!
    You certainly find a variety of unique items!
    Have a great weekend. :)

  7. Wow! These are really great finds!The peonies are so beautiful. HPS and thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Your peonies are stunning! What a wide variet of items.

  9. My husband collects vintage and antique tools. Yours are great!

  10. Once again, your flowers are gorgeous, Joy! And that little bulldog is adorable! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinned!

  11. I just love that bulldog (Boston terrier?)? Anyway, I love him! I finally ventured out to my local GW this week; I really needed a fix of thrifting! The place where I have a booth opens today. Spent HOURS yesterday bringing in new stuff, rearranging, even a bit of dusting! Running a sale with a "Going out for business" sign. It fools the eye when you first read it! I could almost smell your peonies! Mine aren't blooming yet in Maine.

  12. Oh, Joy, I miss having an antique/craft store. I guess that is why I play with dolls now...your space looks great and those are some interesting pieces...! Good luck on your garden, ours has zoomed since put in the ground, and now we are going to have 40's tonight? Yikes! I have the terrier and his house, from my Grandparents cottage...from the 30's I guess they were!


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