Thursday, May 7, 2020

Garden, Flowers and Life Stuff

Bleeding Hearts are such delicate 

visual treasures.

Several days of rain this week. Planted more pole beans and peas on Saturday. Grass is growing too :)  

Sunday - heavy rainfall, wind and hail. Plants were ok. Whew. Then in the evening the sun made things golden.

I think the sunshine on the plant above helped change my thinking from fear and sadness to hope and looking at life, as it is right now, differently.

Did a full cart full of grocery/household/pharmacy shopping Monday (something I very rarely do) but it has been several weeks with 'small shopping' and we were running out of the basics.

I am grateful for what I can do. There will be tomorrow if work isn't finished today.

I feel like I am taking back a new type of control for our lives.

I called, from my side deck, over to the neighbours across the street, asked what they were planting (they called back - this year pole beans both yellow and green and sweet peas).

Then the lady over our back fence from her back deck called over when I was on my back deck and asked how we were doing, a lot of hand movement (thumbs up stuff) and sharing (without planning to) with anyone within hearing that we were ok, getting better, stuff like that.

I have started driving alone when I pick up groceries. Makes me happy and gives me some alone time. Speeds up my shopping time too, I park where I like to walk from the car to the Bruce's Market and back with the groceries.

Had another good walk over at the PM Hall huge empty parking lot Wednesday afternoon in the sunshine. Walked until my knee got too sore but I enjoyed every step.

Flower bed in front of the PM Hall.

Our new reality continues for us, keeping a 6 feet distance or more from others, washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds frequently, using Lysol wipes when out and about, staying at home as much as possible, no one in the family leaves home if they have ANY health issues and now adding - if possible wear a home made mask when going shopping (more and more people are doing this and it keeps the sneezes or coughs or talking-spit behind that little barrier). Stay away from any groups and crowds, leave if you are near a group, immediately.

So, at 10 pm last night I decided to make my first mask - went downstairs, found a turquoise napkin and a white piece of flannel and a piece of elastic. Hauled out my dear Mom's 1950's sewing machine and an iron and made one.

These are pretty warm when you are breathing and wearing. Lots on online patterns. I will try a different style next time.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Stay Safe



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  1. Your flowers look great. I've been hauling my potted plants in and out due to storms and lots of hail. I've been making masks - only the pleated kind. I use a fabric 6 x 9 and two layers of fabric. I made some smaller ones for the little girls this week. Stay well and safe.

  2. Beautiful garden flowers, especially those bleeding hearts. Lovely. Great job on the face mask too! :-)

  3. I made my own adjustments on masks, 2nd and 3rd variations got much better - yours looks great! It protects us all. We too got the weird heavy rain and wind. One of my little cucumber plants didn't make it but I have backups at the ready, thankfully. Yes, we do need to take back things, but carefully as you say.

  4. Wonderful bleeding hearts!Blessings!

  5. Your season is way ahead of ours (snow forecast tonight). Besutiful Bleeding Hearts!

  6. Love the bleeding hearts! All looks well there--lush and blooming.
    The mask looks great! They do take some getting used to, but such a good thing to do. Leah's making some for us here. They'll probably be better then the ones we have and are reusing because they'll be washable. ;) Yes, there are a ton of patterns online! You'll find one you like even better, I would imagine. :)

  7. I made masks several weeks ago. I used my Mom's machine too. I chose a pattern with pleats and the needle barely went through. In fact I broke one. Fortunately I kept all her sewing supplies and found some spares. - Margy

  8. I've been knitting face mask ear bands for the hospital and my son's clinic. It keeps the hands busy and I feel like I am contributing! Stay well and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your masks.

  9. Joy - I am pleased for you that some of the anxiety is going away and being replaced by a sense of control and order. It's so important for our well-being, isn't it? Hail is such a nemesis to young plants - glad it did not pose too much of a problem for you. Seeing your collage of mask-making brought back such memories of learning at my Mom's elbow, especially cutting those notches around edges so they bend more easily. Well done! Thanks for sharing your life's little moments with everyone at Mosaic Monday!

  10. I enjoyed your post, your wonderful bleeding heart capture. By the way, there are remembering me to my childhood. The garden of my grandparents... lovely time, long time ago.

    Stay well and healthy.
    Happy MosaicMonday

  11. Hello, your flowers and plants are looking good. It is good to keep busy, doing something you love. I love the Bleeding heart. Your mask looks good, take care and stay well. Hello, the Amaryllis is lovely, a beautiful bloom. What a pretty surprise. Take care! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  12. You did a great job with your masks. There are a lot of patterns online but some of them are hard to figure out. We are still shopping a lot less. But at least we can find most of the things on our list. Your flowers and garden look really good!

  13. Lots of flowers and plants you'll get to enjoy this summer.
    Our stores are open now and we can go shopping, I've been out once so far.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


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