Saturday, April 25, 2020

Week 6 Staying Home Journal

April 18 to 24

April 18 - Saturday

Watered the plants in the garden and front yard planters, added six more sweet pea plants and one primula.

The fern is beginning to open and beside the hose there seem to be some mushroom/fungus growing.

Grateful for routines - they give me paths to follow through my day. When I stand still and wonder what to do I pick another task on that imaginary list and carry on.

Cherry tree in full blossom. The birds and squirrels and racoons wait patiently for the season of cherries in great abundance.

April 19 - Sunday

Routines thank goodness, keeping on keeping on. Slept in - but was very early morning before I finally went to sleep so it worked out ok.

I packed up two more boxes of collectibles. A few of them got together before they were wrapped.

I made a short list of what I would like to do today. Packing 2 boxes of collectibles, done.

Clearing off my dresser top (a huge pile) sorted, put away or bagged for another day, almost finished. Pay bills, done.

April 20 - Monday

Did weekly grocery shopping at a larger store (than my smaller usual one) and the safety precautions have increased. I shop quickly and follow my list (which is based on the organization of that store) and carry Lysol wipes with me to wipe the cart handle plus clean my hands as I shop. 

I dried sheets outside today - I look forward to sunshine and fresh air.  Had the windows open all day too. 

April 21 - Tuesday

A quick visit to  Bruce's grocery store today - they were originally a fish market, catch and sell their own since the 1930's and they continue as a small grocery and fresh fish store, family owned and run, with many of the grand and great grand children working there too. 

The "Good People Bring Out the Good in People" was painted by a family of  10, 12 and 7 year old children on plywood provided by Bruce's so they can share their art and feelings with everyone who visits. Bruce's fences and building have become an art gallery painted by children who are sharing their creations.

April 22 - Wednesday

Raining today which is needed. Out for a drive with DS and the truck, usual household jobs, some tidying.  Lots of time to visit DH over a coffee, talk about life stuff. 

April 23 - Thursday

The cherry blossoms are 'snowing' 

April 24 - Friday

Not raining today - but the promised sunshine has not yet happened. The plants are outside on their trays having some fresh air.

April 25th  Happy Birthday DH

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Keep safe




  1. I am so glad you are able to see green and growing things. We are still cold here (WI)and nothing is blooming yet. You are right- thank goodness for some routines..they help keep us grounded. Stay Safe- Diana

  2. Growing plants and flowers, beautiful wood paintings by children, food, shelter, health and love. So much to be thankful for. Stay safe.

  3. Love the quotation about "good people".

  4. Happy birthday to the hubby!
    I have had those nights where I don't get to sleep until almost morning. Just happens every now and then.
    Lovely plants and tree. My invisible list in my head is also written down in my bullet journal--LOL! ;)

  5. I'm so envious of your cherry blossoms - I bet it's heaven to watch. Great quote too.

  6. Yes, routines help. I have painting projects started in three different rooms--some little tables in the kitchen, a desk in the log room, and a corner cupboard in the actual workroom! Larry is working on another desk on the back porch and is getting ready to replace some tile by the front door now that he finished up the bathroom floor. Between all this and the gardens our days are full, but somehow see more quiet than usual. We used to go out a couple times a week, but have gone so rarely on the last 6 weeks that I can count them on one hand with fingers to spare!

  7. Thanjs for sharing your Spring photos. Happy gardening. It is hot hot herein T&T🇹🇹
    Happy Monday


  8. I love it during fruit blossom "snow" time. For us, it's apricot, apple, Asian pear, and ornamental pear blossoms. And never at the same time.

  9. Joy - Happy Birthday to DH! My husband and I were just talking, and the last month has not been as bad as we expected. We have kept busy, and have adapted to our new normal. Routines are definitely helpful! The picture of the "snowflakes" on the rhubarb is a very special photo! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  10. Funny how our routines change, priorities and life, just from a virus. I have been doing similar things as you. Love the cherry blossoms and the snow. haha
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


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