Saturday, April 18, 2020

Week 5 Staying Home Journal

April 11 to 17

Another week has passed in the blink of the eye. Some days I don't even remember what I did that was any different than the day before. Routines. Thank goodness for having routines.

April 11

Saturday - late afternoon grocery shopping in a larger store (had to pick up an RX from their pharmacy), lots of lines and arrows and where to stand circles, cashier stations have a plexiglass shield, walking traffic is only one direction. Did pick up a few things that we needed and was grateful to find most of the items on my list. 

Spray bottles (sanitizing) just inside doors so customers can spray and wipe the handle and edges of their cart (and hands) before shopping. Customers were pretty good at keeping 6 feet apart and those who weren't - I backed up and took a different aisle. Didn't touch anything I wasn't going to purchase. Spray washed my hands before I left the store. Back in the truck I used somewhat old Lysol wipes for another clean up.

April 12

Sunday - Easter Day - a quiet day at home. 

Gathered a few spring and Easter bits and pieces.

Did household routines. Read, rested, got some paperwork caught up. DGS arrived in time for supper. He will be here this week.

April 13

Easter Monday

For me another quiet day, frequent rests, read, did a few of my routine jobs around the house. Caught up on more the paperwork that I have been ignoring for weeks.

Talked to M (phone call), a dear friend, we caught up on how they are 'staying home totally since the first hint of the virus in our province' and the grown up kids bring over the groceries as do some of their neighbours. Their oldest grandson (10) broke his right arm in two places - the swing set chain broke off at the TOP while he was swinging. 

Another dear friend phoned me today to see how we were doing and she updated on how they are doing - their grown up kids and grownup grandkids are making sure they 'stay home totally' and bring them groceries or anything else they request. 

April 14

Tuesday - a school day at home for DGS. He has been doing his work on his phone - online assignments, zoom contact for teacher lessons. 

Started the day with my routines - had a list of things I planned to complete. Got a couple of things checked off.

April 15

Wednesday - worked on getting my garden soil mixed with Sea Soil and coffee grounds. DGS helped me get things ready. We put in the peas and carrots.

Later DS drove me over to Bruce's - they had brought in more plants which they posted on FB  and I picked up containers of pansies, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, lettuce and more sweet peas.

April 16

Thursday - posted my Garden post.

Thank goodness for having routines. I know I made our bed, put the bedding plants outside for the day, did some laundry, dishwasher emptied and filled as the day goes on. Made meals. Cleaned up. Read. Check FB and Insta and mail.

Worked on finishing the last pieces of my tax prep, almost ready to hand in to the accountant who goes over everything, types in the info and sends it in.

Looked outside to see this surprise:

DGS decided to make a wooden framed garden bed as his Woodworking Project (and PEd exercises). He sure can dig a great hole. This is day 1 of his project.

April 17

Friday - just one of those days. 

DGS used many of the sod squares he dug up yesterday to patch up bare and low areas in the backyard. He also measured his garden plot and has begun the search for suitable lumber (in the carport and shed areas).

Used the phone to sort out various things. Read for awhile. Rested some more. Did a few of the basics. Made meals. Dishwasher, laundry.

Decided a shower and a Tylenol would help - and it did. I made a nice supper for DH and myself and drank some coffee. Started to tidy up stock that has sat quietly since March 14th and - all the little creatures asked to be in a photo - so, here they are.

I can imagine we are all praying for those who are the Essentials at all levels now during this pandemic.

Yes, it has been one of those weeks my dears.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Keep safe




  1. Glad you have your GS with you, sounds like he is a nice help on your projects. Stay safe!

  2. We’ve done a lot of garden work the last few weeks too. I can’t wait til we can move around freely.

  3. Sounds like you are getting ready for all the planting and will have a new raised box outside, too! Awesome! Nice to have the DGS there to help so much. :)

  4. You will have a lovely garden bed soon, and the veg. and flowers will be worth all the work. I am doing a hand written diary and also have trouble remembering what I did especially if I get a day behind. Take care.


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