Saturday, April 11, 2020

Week 4 Staying Home Journal

April 4 - 10

Day 20 - Saturday April 4th

Reading, walking but keeping more than 6 feet/2metres and more distance (waving if someone makes eye contact, picking less travelled side streets - no sidewalks, fewer houses).

Watched parts of Joseph's Coat of Many Colours on my laptop (skipping to the songs), in the evening watching some of the daily news online.

Resting when I need to rest, making my bed, keeping the laundry, meals and dishwashing up as part of my daily routines. Minor tidying, daily recycling of plastic, cardboard/newspapers and tin stuff.

Day 21 - Sunday April 5th

Cloudy, 12 Celsius, bedding plants outside for awhile. Regular routines were done. Tidied the side deck (wind blasts blew things over yesterday) then sat on the deck in the fresh air.

Day 22 - Monday April 6th

Most days I find I am staying awake (not by choice) until early morning and sleeping in till late morning. Not a great pattern but I am sleeping until I wake up. Best I can do for now.

Recycling day, my favourite. Picked up groceries at Bruces (my fav. store that I keep writing about). Laundry. Load and run dishwasher. Kept to my basic routines.

Day 23 - Tuesday April 7th

Today I had energy and decided to clean the dust from my bedroom. Worked for about 4 hours, removed 4 boxes and 5 grocery bags (with the plastic handles) of things that I will be writing up some time in the future once the mall I resell collectibles in opens again. Cleaned out the drawers in one dresser, fixed the wheel that had fallen off and was lost when my room was painted white (by dear J), Found again. Whew. 

Sun was shining so I dried the sheets outside and put my duvet out for a good airing.

Another crew (private not municipal) came to work on the white house's drainage problem across the street so there was something new to watch. Old hedge was dug up and hauled away, drainage trench was dug. Hope they are back tomorrow.

Day 24 - Wednesday April 8th

Today I did the jobs that bothered me the most in the back yard - cleaning the steps down into the carport (winter debris mess), clipping back branches that were growing into the lawn area and those that were eye level for a short person mowing the lawn plus cleaning up the backyard hydrangea plant.

I turned over soil in the small garden, getting closer to actually planting something.

Day 25 - Thursday April 9th

Today G drove the truck. It has been a very long time since he drove. A time to celebrate. 

He drove me to the bank machine (I have been avoiding going there for weeks) - I used my hip to press the wheelchair door open button, used kleenex to touch the keys and pushed the wheelchair button to leave. No one was there. 

We stopped for gas and I again used another kleenex - forgot I had put plastic bag in truck to use when getting gas. Wiped my fingers and hands with a clorox wipe (put in their garbage can) and washed my hands when I got home and then washed my clothes. I worry a lot.

Dear friend V came over (distances kept) and used her weed-eater plus mowed the back yard and dug up the wire section of fence the iris had grown over the wire and I couldn't free plus she stomped all the mole hole-mounds that are always there.

She took time to visit and have coffee - she sat on the lawn and we were up on the deck. I was so grateful.

Day 26 - Friday April 10th

Very slow to start my day but I pretended it was early morning and followed my routines which helps to settle.

Bedding plants are out in the sunshine, dishwasher is running. Did some laundry, made supper. Went for a drive to Mission after supper with G and we had a 'stay in the truck' visit with about 10 feet distance apart with old friends.

And... this afternoon I planted the sweet pea and yellow pansy bedding plants. I  will need one more of the pansies to fill in the planters. Hoping to find some other plants to add over the next while.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Keep safe




  1. I don't think any of us are sleeping as norm. We are going to bed way earlier than usual, mostly because it's the easiest thing to do...then I wake up at 2 am every day :( Your yard is taking shape. Aren't pansies lovely? My friend had hers come back from last year - I didn't know they could be perennial when they chose to.

  2. Spring is coming along there. I wish I’d kept a daily journal. My blog is kind of a journal, but there are things I don’t write about.
    I’m glad you are doing well.

  3. I am finally starting to sleep more normally this past week. Been off since DST really--and then with all the stress of the virus and all. You have found some ways to get in a few visits, anyways. Yard is looking good. Have a wonderful Easter. :)

  4. It's a good idea to keep a journal during this time. We are recording history. So nice to be able to go outside. I'm glad this didn't happen in the dead of winter.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. We've actually been to Fort Langley, BC. Our daughter lives in Abbotsford. Your pansies look like ours except yours are actually planted! Certainly no daffodils in bloom here yet.


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