Saturday, April 4, 2020

Week 3 Staying Home Journal

March 28 - April 4

Hearts and Teddy Bears

7 pm standing outside to make the 1 minute of noise, to be together apart every day.

Saturday 28th - Day 14

I think that I should not wear my outside shoes into my home. So washed the soles with soapy water and scrubbed and put them outside to dry.

Sunday 29th - Day 14

I went for a walk at noon - and more families were out so I did the moving to the other side of the street, back again to keep clear of the next walkers etc. Sunshine when the weatherman said rain. It was lovely. Every day I have been walking a bit further. A good day to take spring blossom photos.

Slow and gentle day, minimal tasks, just enough to keep everything on track.

Monday 30th - Day 15

 This morning we exercised the truck so the battery would stay charged (the truck is a work truck and has a huge handful of wires going to the battery - and 3 little wires can't be turned off so the battery runs down often if it is not driven). I grocery shopped for the week. I am carrying clorox wipes in the truck now - and using them before I have to touch something like opened a door or pumping gas. Someone suggested using plastic shopping bag over our hand/s when buying gas so I am now carrying grocery plastic bags in the truck.

My afternoon walk was like a slow snake in cold weather, crossing the street, whoops here comes a mom and two kids, cross again, Ok, its a couple with two dogs, cross again and repeat again and again... I guess 4 pm is not a great choice for walking alone either. Took a different route today so I saw a few more hearts in windows.

Tuesday 31 - Day 16

Oh my what a stunning tree. It was backed with a cherry blossoming tree.

Wednesday April 1st - Day 17

Today's date, April Fools Day, was the day my Mom and Dad were engaged. I do think about my parents, my in-laws, all those in our family who have passed. Their parents lived during the tough years in after WW I. Then with their children (my parents were the youth of that time) lived through the Dirty 30's and then WW II. They married in 1945 and moved to my Dad's family ranch to take up the ranching work again. I remember their life stories. My dad had a blog and wrote about his memories.

Worked on spring cleanup in the back yard for an hour and added branches to my front yard pile.

Thursday April 2nd - Day 18

Long drive up the back road with its many hills and curves, across the Stave bridges, toward Mission, bridge over to Matsqui and onward to Fort Langley. Most of the drive was country - the leaves on the bushes are showing their spring colours. Skunk cabbage is growing in the shallow stream beds near the roadways.

Snow along the roadway up in the hills.

Friday April 3rd - Day 19

Wind was fresh, some blue sky showed through, some sun too and I went for my walk. Picked a road less followed.

My journal is short this week, the facts available and world wide life has changed. Take care of yourselves.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Keep safe



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  1. I do love that bushes are flowering, makes our walks nicer. Today we have rain/snow which is super weird for April. Stay safe!

  2. beautiful spring photos and I think you're right. I've got to go wash the bottoms of my shoes and have inside and outside.

  3. Lovely photos--flowers everywhere!

  4. The flowers here are stunning now. And the sky is as clear as I’ve seen it in many years.
    Stay safe Joy.

  5. This is nice--a daily journal! It will be a unique time to look back on, that's for sure. I think a lot of us have been thinking about family. Stay safe! Enjoy your walks, I sure am. Thanks for the pictures. ;)

  6. Your Dad had a blog??! Wow! My parents were married in 1940, and I am finding myself thinking of them often, wondering what their thoughts would be of all this. We got tired of playing chicken with others on the boulevard river walks (sidewalks are too narrow, and too many coming from behind without warning), so we've opted for our old neighborhood. We can walk in the low traffic streets, avoiding others much better. I placed my first online grocery order, but the load is such that I cannot pick up until 6 days later. Staying safe, hoping to stay well. Have a good week.

  7. Life goes on, despite it being greatly altered for most of us. Thanks for the peek into yours and the stories of how you are coping. Be safe, be well.

  8. love the window art and the gorgeous blooming trees

  9. Lovely bears... and hearts, too. Happy MosaicMonday.

    Stay healthy

  10. I love that communities are coming together with the hearts, rainbows, teddy bears and such in their windows. Stay safe
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  11. Joy - interesting to hear about your daily activities. My in-laws were married on April Fool's Day! I do like to tease them (gently) about it. How precious that there are hearts and teddy bears everywhere. We are so far out and behind a lot of trees, so no one would see it if we did. Maybe I should put something out on our fence. At least a few people would see it. Thanks for linking up twice!


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