Thursday, April 23, 2020

Keeping Busy at Home

The rhododendron  is blooming.

I watch the provincial updates, especially the daily reports from Dr. Henry. Reading helps. Naps help. Breathing fresh air in the back yard helps.

The heritage lilac tree given to me by a gardener (Donna) about 35 years ago continues to bloom each spring, almost in full bloom this week.

I decided to box up stock that has been sitting around since March 14th. Moving the packed boxes into my big store room (which is already very full), one box at a time. 

I want to create the visual space we had before things shut down. 

My routine as a reseller of collectibles is/was to find/buy the stock, clean, research, enter each item into my spreadsheet, tag, pack and take to my booth each week.

I had a routine that kept the house clean and tidy (mostly) and it worked for me. I loved our time driving to favourite places to see what we could find.

With the shift to staying home, no garage sales, no thrift stores, no 'put out on the curb - Free' signs, things have changed. One does not touch things, be with other people or stop to check things out now.

I have condensed the time I shop for groceries - I make my list to match the store, 'sanitize hands before entering', keep 6 feet distance, do not touch anything except what I am going to buy and I finish and leave, sanitize hands again and load my bags in the truck and leave. Wipe down with Lysol wipes or wash with soap and water to clean the groceries before putting away.

I am grateful for Bruce's Country Market - I feel the safest when shopping there. All around their property - the fences, the sides of the store, the fence by the parking lot are decorated - all paintings done the local school kids at home. Bruce's provided the cut to size plywood and parents and their kids made the magic happen.

I am thankful I can stay home, that we are able to take care of ourselves, that the grocery stores are following the sanitizing, 6 foot rules, the no-buying-out-all-the-stock, buy only the number that is allowed rules are in place - and the hoarding that caused so many problems when this all started is now under rational control.

I am grateful I have choices about what to do at home. I am grateful to be well, that my family is well.

Thanks for visiting today.

Keep safe



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  1. Your flowers are lovely. Yes, our mutual love of thrift stores and garage sales have been thwarted this year. Who knows when that will return to normal but for now we just have to power on. Take care

  2. I love that painted wall! I've been doing something similar to your packing away: we moved all the totes of things ready for the booths to the workroom--after we did a major sort and clear out to make room in there. Now I am slowly working through the backlog of things to be listed on ebay. I have enough to keep me busy for another year, easily. I'm also painting and fixing up furniture and bits we bought to refurbish, which is also making more room in the workroom, since the mall is still selling some furniture, thank goodness. I've taken what I have ready over there in two quick trips, npt meeting anyone but the mall owner. I've welcomed this respite to re-group and catch up with myself.Still haven't had to go to the store. My son dropped off a few things and I've been finding ways to get what I need online. No InstaCart or the like out here, so Amazon, ebay, SF herb Company and yesterday I ordered from Schwan's for the first time.

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous! Love the signs they made for the store.
    Clearing things out a bit will lift your spirits, I bet. :)

  4. Your flowers are sooooo pretty. We don't have much blooming yet. Daffodils came and went, next up will be my purple Iris, but right now everything is just green and very very wet. YOur market looks wonderful. Such a cleaver idea. Like you I'm wiping down, staying put. OUr market is quite large and is always too crowded...even during normal times to be comfortable. So, I've started ordering groceries and so far that's working well. Hope you're soon able to get your organization back. Just hard to know how long we will be at this. Popped in from Flaunt it Friday, though for some reason I wasn't able to join the actual that I'm not linked there; but decided to visits some blogs anyway.

  5. How sweet your post is...I am grateful for it!Happy Pink Saturday!


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