Thursday, April 9, 2020

Gardening This Past Week

The 2 young children (with a young puppy),
 just down the street, shared their 
Thank You from their front window.

We have 'stayed at home' all week, I did grocery shopping at Bruce's (my favourite small grocery store) on Monday and that is it for the week. 

Wednesday on FB they showed their staff wearing home made face masks - now I am going to wear mine when I grocery shop there. What a good way to make customers aware and not 'stand out'.

I was so happy I had energy this week. Sleeping better on the nights when I have productive days.

First tulip bloom this spring.

This week I planned ...

Getting the soil mix together ...the egg shells and coffee grounds have been collected for the past few weeks.

My kitchen counter was my workspace and my soil mixing was based on nothing but memory from earlier years. 

I used a fork to mix 2 cups of potting soil, 1 Tsp coffee grounds and 1/2 tbsp of crushed egg shells for each container,  

Divided and planted the parsley into the 4 'cut down' 1 L cartons and a 2 L carton (I did punch several holes in each carton with my meat fork).

 next ....

A couple of warmer days this week so I used the garden fork to turn the soil after letting it sit for a couple of days after the initial digging and weeding.

Buying started carrots was kind of strange - buy in haste and think about it later is what happened.

My plan was this week was to plant the carrots (above) as well as peas and carrots from my seed purchase.

Didn't get that done. 

I did clip back a bush that had grown over into the lawn, cleaned up the hydrangea in the back yard, trim a few branches off the ornamental plum tree. Didn't take pictures.

Pulled a lot of dead grass and last year's growth from the iris bed.

Cleaned the three steps leading to the carport (a mess of soil, cherry seeds, paint that had peeled from the deck, small rocks, junk that had landed during the winter).

Cut the shoots that are growing up in the back corner of my yard - the 'huge tree' is on the neighbours property and it has spread underground to mine. I want to get the underground stuff dug out but if I don't I will just keep clipping the parts that grow out of the soil. Cut off 13 growing pieces Wednesday.

Bagged anything that can go to plant recycling.

More work to come but I was pleased that I worked on the areas that annoyed me the most. That seems to be how I get the work done, get rid of the most irritating things first.

Have a good, safe week my friends.




  1. None of the staff at stores I have been to are wearing face masks but have seen the odd customer doing so. I am going to try make 2 masks today for us. I need to remove the strawberries (put them in the pea bed to overwinter in case the potted ones didn't make it but they all made it) and then get my pea bed ready as my peas are several inches high already that I planted 2 weeks ago and I think it is now warm enough. Even though work in the yard is never-ending it is cathartic, isn't it?

  2. I interviewed a 73 year old gentleman today that grows food commercially in raised beds.
    He was remarkable.

  3. Yay for the cheery tulip and Thank you window. Here's to a bountiful vegetable crop this year!
    Wren x

  4. I think gardening is a great way to get through this challenging time. I've been working in my yard almost everyday. Not sure if it's the vitamin D or just that I like to play in the dirt, but it always helps me feel better.

  5. We've heard people are wearing face masks to grocery shop here in Fargo, so that's good. Leah will be out grocery shopping in a week or two--and has masks and gloves. Haven't been for a month now. I bought seeds and peat pots to grow my own flowers for my planter boxes on the patio. Will be potting them this weekend. A new venture for me. Exciting! :) Stay well and safe, Joy!

  6. The sun alone this past week was healing, and the gardening is so good for the soul. I'm with you---but now we aren't creeping over the mid 40's, and that's too cold for me, so back to projects inside. I cheat and plant herbs from a local grocery store for $1.99 each. I have given up doing seeds on those, but grow just about everything else. Have a great week, and your garden start looks FAB! Sandi

  7. Thank you for sharing your home journal. I have been thinking my husband needs to dig a new garden bed so we can start growing our own vegies like we used to years ago. Stay safe and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

  8. Loved reading your journal. It is the small, everyday things that keep us connected, isn't it? Like you, I am sorting and purging as I can. Have a wonderful Easter. Diana


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