Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Week in the Garden

Sweet Peas and Pansies for the Front Yard Planters - in prepared soil, scooped out a hole in the soil for each plant ... sweet peas in the back planters and the pansies in the front.

I will be adding more flowers as I find them or when my seed started plants grow.

Front yard April 15th Spring view - the rose leaves have opened, the peonies red stalks are shooting up, tulips are now sharing their beauty and the poppies and orange tiger lily leaves are getting bigger. 

Added two grapevine wreaths with faux spring flowers inside the front door and landing wreaths.

My garden plan is to keep the bedding plants on trays and move them outside part of each day to grow/harden before planting in the garden. Its a bit too early right now for my region. The peas and carrots are ready I think and I want to get them in my garden plot today.

DGS turned over the soil and mixed in sea soil and coffee grounds. He nailed the replacement board at the end of the garden area frame (other one rotted out).

We planted the peas and carrots. Tomorrow I am going to put collars around each one. The birds are very interested in anything fresh. 

More planting to come. 

Thanks for visiting today.

Keep safe.



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  1. Lovely! It makes things seem not so strange when we can get into the gardens.

  2. Your place will be remarkable soonx

  3. I can't wait to see your flowers blooming, and I particularly like sweet peas. My parents always grew them and they bring back so many memories. Thanks for sharing. Stay well.

  4. Spring has definitely come your way!! :)

  5. Happy planting you are going to have a riot of pansy colour this summer. Sweat peas are a favourite for me!
    Wren x

  6. The sweet peas will go mad on that trellis...I have had them for 35 years from one package of seeds!

  7. What a lovely way to greet spring!

  8. Happy gardening. Thanks for sharing your fun project
    Happy mosaic Monday


  9. Wonderful springtime, enjoyed your Post.

    Stay healthy. 

    Happy MosaicMonday

  10. Hello, our garden and plants look wonderful. I am glad you had a helper there. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy, healthy new week!

  11. Such a wonderful way to spend your days! Well done! Have a grand week!

  12. I like the way you've used planter boxes even in your flower beds. That really helps to keep the good soil and mulch contained. You're going to have a beautiful garden this summer! Take care!

  13. Joy - smart to put the peas in the back where they can grow up the trellis. Isn't it wonderful to be back in the garden and putting your hands in the dirt? We finally have turned the corner and I can see green coming into my garden. Thanks so much for linking to Mosaic Monday, and stay well!

  14. Gardening is good for the soul and right now is a perfect time since we have to stay home.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  15. I love this, Joy. So sweet of your grandson to help around the garden. I can't wait to see it as things progress.


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