Saturday, March 28, 2020

Week 2 of Staying Home Journal

March 21 - 27

Over the past week a young family with children, a block away down our street, made a heart for their window to share - started with green masking tape, painted in the colours, removed the tape and ... 

A Heart in the Window

Day 7 Saturday 21st late afternoon...

Visited the small grocery store today (I asked permission to take the photos below) - the small bushes on the plastic milk carriers have ... been replaced with plexi-glass walls that protect the cashiers.

Outside a sink with hot/cold/soap and paper towels and directions had been installed since I was there Thursday last week. The garbage can with the used paper towels was emptied after I washed. Clear sign on how to wash hands for 20 seconds right over the sink.

When inside I noticed that an employee was continually wiping down shelves, surfaces, signs, shopping carts, everything.

The people in the store were keeping 2 metres or more away from any person. About 6 people were carefully shopping and avoiding others - but remaining very polite. 

Employees were being very careful to keep the distance, plastic bags were provided. Polite and careful.

Day 8 Sunday 22nd ...

Staying home - this has been my 'put stock in my booths day (as are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday). Since the Antiques Mall is a business with shopping customers it too is closed until further notice.

The curve is on my mind, hand washing continues before and after and sometime between everything I do, keeping 6 feet (2 metres) from others is the new reality. Socially distant is a gentler phrase that Rita used today. The other is don't touch your face - not as easy to NOT do but serious.

Only outings were DH driving the truck for 1/2 hour (battery) and I did the grocery shopping at the small store. Picked up a few groceries - now there is a chatty friendly 'guard' outside to make sure hands are washed before entering, only one person in a group may enter the store, 6 feet is marked on the floors by the cashiers now and people shopping were very careful of staying 6 feet away from anyone.

I have (mostly) limited my online viewing/
watching the news to once a day when the Canadian statistics are gathered and shared. had a summary of the coronavirus for March 21, updating the health regions in BC (with links to the other provinces) on statistics to date.

Read posts this morning - many bloggers had written that they are either on a self planned routine for the day or they discussed what they had begun to plan each day with activities, projects, walking, meals, home chores, gardening prep work, homeschooling, phone visits with elder parents, on line visiting with friends...

I have felt the lack of planning and following my normal routines. Today's extra job is roughing out a flexible daily plan.

Day 9 Monday 23rd - 

Slept in because getting to sleep took a long time. Need to get outside and walk. Checked online and the small grocery store added a FB short video (staff person holding a sign in front of her and then replacing it with another etc.) showing the same rules for safety they have posted outside of their store. 

Worked outside for awhile, trimmed dead branches and twigs and added them to my front yard pile. The peonies have started their spring growth.

Did a couple of 15 minutes search and tidy forays into my large storage room. 

Listened to classical music as I did small tasks. Supper is in the Instant Pot. I am thanking Susan of Sustainable Cooks for not only introducing her readers to the Instant Pot but for all the recipes she creates and shares. 

We (DH is the driver) went for a 1/2 hour drive. Made supper, dishwasher loaded/run. Went about our evening routines.

When I took out the recycling at 10:00 pm I went for a short walk - crisp cold air, took deep breaths, was grateful I was outside. No one else was out walking. The stars were visible.

Day 10 Tuesday 24th -

A rainy day till mid afternoon is forecast.

Headed for the small grocery store for their 9 am opening. List in hand, I know the routines. Wash my hands, don't touch my face, stay 6 feet/2metres distance for all persons, don't touch something you are not going to buy, only buy what you need, wash your fruit and vegetables when you get home, don't take a bag in to the store, pack your own shopping in the bag the cashier put on top of your purchases, and yes, I did smile and thank the cashier for being there.

Road work crew are back, week 2. You can see my black truck parked in front of our house. My dear friend Val did a spring cleaning of the front yard a few days ago (and we both kept very far apart).

Rest of the day was made up of the routines of daily life. Music helped too.

Day 11 Wednesday 25th -

DGS is back from staying with his other Grandparents for 10 days. Got here after supper and will be here for about 10 days.

DH and I went on a longer drive today on the back roads to Mission - all country - and back on the highway. Nice hour to look at scenery.

I did get some work done today - it was cloudy/sunny and I dried my duvet outside as I had hoped to. Boxed up china taking up space in the kitchen to begin clearing things off. Future stock doesn't need to be in sight right now.

Took a picture of the backyard trees as the sun was going down.

Day 12 Thursday 26th - 

March Thrifts Personal Collectibles was posted (my usual time for my regular once a week post). 

Rain forecast for the next 7 days.

I went for a longer walk - I have so missed going out - it was raining, it was noon and I had the streets to myself. I felt peaceful.

Spring violets (I think)

Other than us taking the truck for a drive today was a 'stay at home' day for DH and me. Laundry, boxing more things that could be put away for now, making meals, home stuff. Read a bit, listened to Leonard Cohen.

Day 13 Friday 27th -

Grocery trip today - the store I go to is small, family owned and run since 1948. The safety for all who shop and work there is amazing, they will shop and deliver or have ready to pick up, the 6 feet/2metre spaces are kept, safety for all is a priority, only a few shoppers in the store at any time, staff remains positive and welcoming/polite. Everything is wiped down all day. 

Worked on small jobs today, laundry, dishes. Watered the house plants. Went for another walk and took heart and rainbow pictures that had appeared on front windows this week.

The hearts and rainbows in windows is growing in my area. The house across from us has two young kids sharing their art, bit blurry because I was taking this from across the street.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Keep safe




  1. I loved reading about your days......this is certainly a surreal time and for all of us to be affected by the very same crisis is an unique situation. We are truly all in this together.
    The seasons continue regardless of the’s all looking beautiful up there. It’s raining here today. Not storming, just light rain which the garden loves. We can practically see the seedlings as they are sprouting up. Louis Dean bought himself a tiller a month or two ago and has started a backyard garden here. Once we get to the ranch we will need to plant the garden there. Sherry has it all plowed, tilled and ready for us. Of course he will need to put up a fence but he’s already bought the supplies and that’s down there waiting for him too.
    Life is sure different for all of us.....
    Stay safe and healthy and know I am thinking of you.

  2. I am glad you are keeping a daily journal of your days. The hearts in the windows is a sweet idea. I also like the thing they did in England, everyone opening their doors at 8pm and applauding the health workers. No one would hear my applause if we did the same thing in the US but what a great idea.

  3. Could you take your battery out and just charge it with a charger for a half hour every day? That would be easier. If your alternator is the problem it is a fairly easy fix. My son changed mine out in a parking lot in about 15 minutes.

  4. Our days have been uneventful. When I had to go out, I took the precautions you described.
    There are still people here who think it’s a hoax.
    I have no point of reference.

  5. I think it helps to write it down. Someone said on internet it feels like March 61st...I have to agree.

  6. Your local grocery store is being proactive which is awesome. Loving the hearts on the windows. They are having teddy bear hunts near me where kids take walks or car rides and try to see how many they can find. I have one in my window. Stay safe and well.

  7. Joy, I love reading your personal journal. I have made notes on my desk calendar each day. I am a list maker by nature, and it helps me keep track of the days which otherwise run together. I like the idea of walking in rain or colder days, when others may stay in. Our walks have turned into games of chicken, seeing who will move over to stay socially distant. Seems my husband and I are often the only ones who care. :( Our mayor closed our boulevard to traffic a certain distance this weekend to allow people to get out and have space. Your small grocer is so smart with its added measures! I experienced some anxiety this past Thurs at our Kroger's grocery trying to shop at the sr hour. It was crowded! My husband is 10 yrs older so I encouraged him to #stayhome. I wore gloves (no mask), but I'd say over 60% had masks. I found myself holding my breath when people passed too closely! I sanitized all the perishables immediately, and left the non-perishables in the car 48 hrs (and sprayed an aerosol sanitizer in the car). Teddy bear hunts and chalk art on sidewalks are the activities locally, and my niece in Austin TX did the tape art like your neighbor. I keep wondering how my 'greatest generation' parents would compare this to the many things they lived through. Take care, stay well.

  8. They really have it down at your stores! I have no idea what it is like here as Leah (who does shopping for her family and for me) hasn't been out for two weeks and we hope not for another month. They hadn't started anything like that here two weeks ago, but that was the very start of all of this.

    Stay safe!! I love to hear how you are faring. :)

  9. I was interested to see the perspex at your local story The new normal is so vastly different to what I could have imagined a month ago. We need to try and keep life as normal as possible. Probably a little easier for us who are retired, although all my "groups" have been suspended. Stay safe and enjoy your week.


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