Thursday, March 26, 2020

March Thrifts Collected Over the Years

Day 12 on self-isolation. The flow of my days has changed and it is taking time to work out a new normal. 

Keeping away from others and not touching my face are the two actions that take concentration and raise the most fear for me. I did (mostly) cut back listening/reading on line news except for the end of day statistics.

I decided to put as many of my routines back where they once were and my once monthly post of collectibles was ready so I am sharing my personal collectibles today since the 'going out to find' part of thrifting is on hold.

Gathered small treasures - an old collection of wooden darning eggs in a vintage kitchen bowl,

 batik samples - stiff with wax,

sweet little vintage ornaments, most from the 50's/60's,

wonderful Poole cereal bowls collected about 30 years ago,

differently shaped Poole small dishes.

Another 30 year ago collectible - a repro metal Ice wagon with horses - and while I was doing some 'search and clean' this week I found the driver out in my shed,

dust and all.

Take care of yourselves dear friends

Thank you for visiting today

Hugs and love


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  1. Oh those wooden darning eggs. We used to have one and I remember using it and watching my mom use it...I wish I still had it. What a lovely memory. Thank you.

  2. Your Poole collection is amazing! I actually have one of those sweet little dogs, on the right side the one next to the little brown one. Except mine has a little piece of holly attached to his butt so I put him out at Christmas with my collection of orphan Christmas pieces.

  3. Love the wood eggs, and the little man hiding in the shed--great story!

  4. Finding that driver must have made your heart happy!
    I always love to see your treasures! These are trying times but we are all in it together and will come out of it together! It’s amazing how special ‘normal’ is going to be!

  5. These are sweet treasures---thank you for sharing! HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  6. Joy, happy pink saturday! Thank you for sharing your collectibles. So sweet!!

  7. Great treasures.I love those pretty batik samples.Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Love those bright Poole dishes! Lots of treasures.
    I am on day 16. Hanging in there. Have a good weekend and stay safe. :)

  9. The nature of my work has me going out, but I’m keeping my distance and bathing in sanitizer. When we need food from the store, we go at odd hours to minimize contact.
    Stay safe.

  10. These are great, Joy! Lucky to find your driver. I have yet to get back into my things collected, and could make a very good project of unwrapping and displaying some purses. Our antique mall closed on the 23rd, but we are given the option of special arrangements to get in and redo if we so choose (we are #stayinghome). I do have recent finds (pre-COVID) to share with readers, perhaps soon.

  11. Fun assortment that you have gathered Joy! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  12. Wonderful wooden old treasures ... the other captures so lovely as ever in each post.

    ...yes, keep in touch in Corona time. Its the one and only way we have yet...

    Stay healthy!

    Happy MosaicMonday

  13. You certainly have a lot of cute treasures! Joy & sun to your isolation.

  14. Hello, I just love the cute Poole collection, very nice! The wooden eggs and batik samples are wonderful treasures. Take care, stay well! Wishing you a great new week!

  15. So many beautiful treasures and thank you for sharing. Take care of yourself and yes it’s so hard not to touch my face. Sending virtual hug. How I miss the real thing!!

  16. I miss my thrift store shopping. I don't think it'll be back for along time. Our local one is run by volunteers and all the funds go to the hospital for needed equipment and services for patients such as phones and TV. Without the income our community will also suffer. - Margy

  17. I like all those little cats and dogs...and poodles! So cute! I know I shouldn't decorate with so many figurines that get dusty but I love them! Stay healthy sweet lady! Hugs!

  18. Joy - what a wonderful retrospective! I have one of those darning eggs in my Mom's heirloom sewing machine! And I remember those poodle collectibles from my childhood - God only knows what happened to them! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday, and stay well!

  19. I love that you are posting collections. I like the idea, since I have perhaps too many collections ;)


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