Saturday, March 21, 2020

Week 1 Staying Home Journal

March 15 - 21

Seven days and many changes

Sunday the 15th - went to the mall, stocked my booths, left before Antiques Mall was open. Social distance.
Picked up a few groceries.


Things here seemed pretty normal. 

The world news wasn't.

Monday 16th - stayed home except for a short drive (the truck battery dies if it isn't driven for 1/2 hour each day). Read that all gatherings of people - church, entertainment, 
shopping venues education, restaurants, gathering places are to be closed in our province. Many workers are working online from home if possible. Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open - and stock is significantly down.

Tuesday 17th - took DS to see his Doctor (outside in the Doctor's parking lot) - she came out for his appointment fully covered masked, gloved, head cover plus hospital clothing over her own, kept her distance, said he was progressing well. 

Doctor offices are now managing their patient-office visits by telephone if possible - if you need to talk to your doctor you phone to make an appointment and when it is your time your Doctor will phone you and will phone in your  RX if you require one.

I picked up RX for DS and a few groceries (lots of rows of empty shelves) and kept myself away from others. Used hand sanitizer provided (squirts out with no touching needed). Then stayed home.

Wednesday 18th - stayed home. Read blogs, a book, did some house work, some writing stock work and then had a nap. Went for a short drive, no stops. Fewer vehicles, fewer dog walkers, space between people walking.

Thursday 19th - went out for a short drive, picked up a few groceries, there is a somewhat 'new look' in a neighbourhood store - empty plastic carrying boxes for milk were topped by small shrubs and lined the check-out lineup area - clever idea, 1 metre + of distance, cashiers wore gloves and changed them frequently. 

While pulling out of the parking area a man wearing one shoe, carrying the other, while holding a staff ran up to my window (which I had open since it was sunny and 15 C. and  he grabbed the sill, held on and leaned in, saying he needed a ride to pick up his truck from the tow yard. Too close. Scared me. We told him to 'back off'. He swore loudly as we pulled away. We had seen him sitting on the sidewalk edge before we went to shop.

Window up, didn't touch the door when I got home, cleaned the sill, handle, door with soapy water and wiped with water/vinegar. Washed my hands and arms and face. Still felt worried.

Friday 20th - to pharmacy to pick up an RX, goodly distance between cashier and shopper. Picked up a few groceries - the fill a plastic bag and tag with the bin number ...' aisle is blocked and closed, soups and most tinned goods and packaged foods plus some meat cooler spaces are empty, 'choose your own' fresh baking product shelves are closed down and of course paper product shelves are bare. Many items have a limit on how many can be purchased by a shopper. 

Floors have 2 metre distance white tape strips on the flooring near the check-outs. Space. Bring your own bags is now a NO, not to be touched by staff. Plastic bags are 'free' for now. I packed my own bags (which was allowed), used the hand cleaner when entering and leaving and did not touch the shopping cart with my hands. 

That chain of stores just started early shopping for seniors and handicapped only - from seven to eight a.m. 

Decided to be proactive for me. Went outside in sunshine and fresh air and picked up winter wind blown down small branches in the back yard. Started a stack in the front yard in case the town 'grind branches for mulch' continues as it has for many many years. More to add another day.

Checked out all the work that needs to be looked at and tidied in the back yard.

Saturday 21st - wanted to try the 7-8 am shopping (yes, senior here). Slept in. Maybe next week.

Many blogs I read are sharing what they are doing to keep their spirits up and follow the safety rules as we all navigate the changes in our world.

Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage  decided to write her post/log of what each day held for her. I find it every encouraging.

Laura of Simple and Serene Living writes about the changes to her life - and her Bloggers I Read writers contribute on their posts as well.

Donna of Funky Junk Interiors has been sharing what she is doing to keep spirits up and busy. Bike riding and fresh air, yard work, continuing her house sorting/refreshing.

Sue of Granny Sue's News and Reviews is also writing about what she and her husband are doing as they are self-isolating and carry on with their normal routines. 

Off Grid Islander posted how they are following the self-isolating changes after returning early from their holiday.

Zefi of Junk4Joy  lives in Paros, Greece and writes what she is doing while staying home.

Mrs. Frugalwoods of Frugalwoods writes what she is doing and her many commenters are adding what they are doing to support others in their communities that need help. 

Becky of Becky at Home writes about how she and her family are coping with the changes in our world.

So many bloggers are writing of their acceptance and managing the much changed way to keep themselves/ family /children in self-isolation and well. They are also sharing how they help others.

Rick and Jilda are two dear bloggers who look at good first.

Thank you Dear Friends for visiting today.

Be Kind

Be Calm

Keep safe




  1. All I can say is thank goodness for our yards - your flowers are lovely. I only have perenials on the front of the house. My friend who works at Art Knapps texted me that they were closing end of yesterday and managed to snag 2 6 packs of petunias. Since I usually have annuals in pots in the back yard I am now going to get super creative plus perhaps order some flower seeds or buy some next time I am at superstore. I did already buy veggie seeds so are starting those today.

  2. Aren't I glad to have my blog friends to communicate and share with! Joy, you are taking smart precautions. Let us all pray to continue to be well. My oldest son is dealing with the oddities of banking in these times. He said good borrowers are coming to re-finance, and the not-so-great ones are asking for extensitions, LOL. he is doing all he can to keep all of his staff working at least part time--he's president of a small bank with 7 branches that serves the most mountainous areas of West Virginia so there are always challenges. Your flower photos are so pretty and bring a smile!

  3. It sounds like you are taking every precaution you can Joy, that is all we can do for now. Stay safe.

  4. I see you live in Fort Langley. Our daughter and family live in Abbotsford. Thanks for your comments.

  5. My grocery store is installing plexiglass dividers at the check outs to keep the cashiers separated from the customers. I'm a senior too, but luckily have no underlying condition or mobility problems, so I hate to go the in 1st hour. The more days this goes on, the harder it is stay upbeat. Thanks for the lovely photos!

  6. That guy was scary at the grocery store! Glad you got away and cleaned the car. Take all the precautions and stay safe. :)

  7. So the shelves are empty there as well as down here? WHY, I wonder, do people hoard things and buy up all the supplies? I realize that if the eating establishments are closed, that means people are cooking and eating at home and that means more are shopping the food isles at the grocery stores. But why buy up all of everything? I couldn't find a bix of salt last week. It's crazy but we must keep our wits about us AND our faith AND our sense of humor!!
    Loved hearing how you are doing......stay well, my friend.

  8. We’re keeping our distance too Joy. Together (at a distance) we will get through this.

  9. I'm keeping a notated journal too, as I am losing track of days. Our antique mall is closing effective today. I haven't been there since March 10, and have essentially social distanced since March 13, with just 3 trips to stores for supplies, and a few walks. Take care.

  10. Well, Joy, seems you are doing it right and staying positive. Hang in there. :)

  11. Joy,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind and encouraging words!! I am trying to spread a bit of beauty and happiness in these trying times through my blog but at the same time, showing a bit of our family's reality. All of us are going through this together and I think people not only have to be worried about their physical health but their mental health as well. I believe that having a sense of normalcy can help with that. And for me, decorating and crafting is my normal...
    Thanks again for stopping by and I pray you stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  12. We only go out one day a week to the Infusion Center and then to pick up groceries curb side pickup:) Stay safe

  13. Hello, we are keeping our distance and only go out to the food store when needed. It is good to take as many safety precautions as possible. The flowers are pretty, a lovely sight! Stay safe, be well! Wishing you a happy day!


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