Thursday, January 23, 2020

Melting Snow and Painted Frames

Some months are... just those kind of months. 

January doesn't fit tidily into usual routines - snow, cold weather, a cold that doesn't go away, closures, cancelled stuff and exhaustion all mixed in.

Finally after several months I picked up a brush and painted - it was on the 'free' table at the Thrift store, a 'blue poster painted' frame (no,  didn't take a before) and painted it Fusion Champagne (almost white - 3 coats). I noticed... I was humming and smiling while working. 

The frame behind (also free) was 'touched up' with some gold/bronze paint just to cover any worn spots.

I posted a few melting snow pictures on Instagram this week. I decided to write a post reference so here they are, plus a few more.

Snow pictures  ... On my walk Tuesday


Crocus - first sighting this year 
- On my walk Thursday -

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  1. January to me is a Ho-Hum month. I don't like the snow and cold so endure the month because I have to do so. lol
    I have a couple of things I have to get painted, too. xo Diana

  2. I got into painting some things last week, or was it the week before? Now it seems to be back-burnered as I have moved into purging some things--books, glass, stuff I bought to sell on ebay but never got listed. I have a half-finished dressing table I need to get back to!

  3. Great finds! You know if you were humming and smiling while you were painting that it was the perfect thing for you to be doing. :)
    Looks almost springlike there!

  4. I can't believe you saw crocus already! They're a long way off here in lower Michigan! I did get a little touch of Spring a few days ago when I found daffodils at the grocery store. Five buds for $4.00. You'd better believe I snapped those up in a heartbeat! I really needed a whiff of Spring during this rather bleak month. Sadly, they have now gone by and I had to throw them away this morning but those five little blooms were a balm to my heart while they lasted. Just the smell transported me to warmer weather.

    I finally got out and about a bit today after being homebound with my sick grandson all week. Went straight to Michael's and bought a stencil which I'm hoping will fit on a two-tiered little round table that I want to paint. It belonged to my mother whose name was Rose and the stencil is of an opened rose blossom. I'm hoping it will fit on the top tier.
    Don't know when I'll get around to painting the table as I don't have a great place to work when I can't use my deck. Might have to wait until Spring but at least I'll be ready with the stencil.

    May we all see some sunshine in the next few days and be reminded that Spring will, indeed, come.

  5. Yeah for green stuff emerging from the snow! :)

  6. It’s like the year doesn’t really start until maybe April! That’s why I scheduled my surgery for early January. I’m not missing out on a lot of things because so little is happening!


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