Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy 2020 New Year

Years ago I said I would have a white office. Years passed and I carried my thoughts about having a quiet, organized space to do my work forward. This year, with hard work, planning, co-operation and tenacity I have my small white office. 

I looked back in time. I think my favourite January post was Donna of Funky Junks 'pick a project and complete it'. I loved creating a peaceful place.

2019's project that I loved the most was adding a small office area to my bedroom.

Space Before and After

Looking forward in 2020?

My small white office space with everything I need at hand has been life changing.

I am getting my work caught up. I am not in the centre of the house surrounded by sound and jobs that need to be done.

I have quiet and time to concentrate.

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Happy 2020 New Year




  1. It does feel great to get organized, doesn't it? Your space is both serene and organized :) Happy New Years Joy!

  2. What a lovely spot!
    Happy 2020! :)

  3. Happy New Year, Joy! And yes, a quiet's so soothing. I put a desk in place of the big table that we used only once or twice a year; the rest of the time it collected junk that I kept trying to keep cleared up. I love my desk with its view out over our land, and the two lamps giving a soft light. Now I need to clear up my other desk in my ebay room that is so piled up I despair of ever getting to cleared off.

  4. Happy New Year, Joy. Your space is ideal. When Mr. P. and I downsized in 2019, it was so important for each of us to have our own space to work independent of each other, we took two extra bedrooms and made them his and her spaces. I do all my blogging, tax work, and personal computing in mine and listen to music. Mr. P. computes and watches TV in his. It was a must-have! Glad you were able to make your space your own too. Cheers to any and all 2020 projects, big or small!


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