Thursday, December 5, 2019

Beginning to Decorate for Christmas

The 'White Flame Zygo Cactus' was chosen because of its delicate pink over white.

Added vintage nativity figures.

Found our 38 year old Advent Calendar. I used an old photo - couldn't find the hanging 'stick'.

Looking back to the memories of the Christmas calendar and how my young friend across the street worked on hers while I worked on mine, two young moms each creating a Christmas tradition while their little boys napped, working together whenever we could. I think the pattern was in a 1981 Woman's Day magazine.

Went downstairs last night and pulled the Christmas Decoration bins from the storage room, sorting will be happening.

Started with angels.

Vintage tree topper Angel - Spun glass 'angel hair', shedding but still enough left to enjoy. One star has disappeared.

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  1. Just adorable!Love the dainty pink in Christmas cactus!

  2. Decorating is our favorite thing to do. We have so many ornaments and decorations that we’ve gotten through the years. There’s a story on every branch.

  3. I bet you needed that dowel stick for something and that's why you couldn't find it! What happens around here anyway :) The cactus is beautiful! Larry strung some of the outside lights today but I haven't even started in the house. For some reason I'm having a hard time getting started.

  4. Oh, Merry Christmas! What fun! I just love this time of year. :)

  5. Beautiful memories through your beautiful Christmas collection. That was my favorite part of the Holidays .... in the past now because of our choice to travel. we gave almost all of our Christmas ornaments to our kids, now they and two more generations can enjoy them.

  6. How nice that your cactus is blooming. I don't think mine is going to make it this year until Jan. Love the vintage angels. How special they are! And the things you saved over the years are priceless!

  7. I remember making Advent calendars with my students years ago. - Margy

  8. Joy - Christmas brings so much "joy" from start to finish. Opening the Christmas decorations is like a gift in itself. Your nativity set is precious! One day, I hope to have grandkids, and I can see myself making one of those Advent calendars! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  9. Thanks for sharing your lovely decorations at Vintage Charm!

  10. I love looking at your ornamants! Treasures, really. I think the ones that have so many memeories assi=ociated with them make them all the more precious.

  11. We had the exact same advent calendar growing up ! My mother must have made the same pattern. She would put wrapped candy in each pocket along with a sequened snowflake. The snowflake went on the tree with a pin and the candy belonged to whoever's turn it was that day to pull the pocket ! (4 girls in the family) I don't know whatever happened to that advent calendar, but years ago Pottery Barn had a very very similar advent calendar and I HAD to buy it !


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