Thursday, November 14, 2019

Peach to White

Our 50th Anniversary Bouquet from my Sister and Brother-in-law had its first rearrangement - and its ready for another week. 13 Days before it needed anything but fresh water.

A dream with help - I wanted to paint my room white. It has been peach for about 20 years and that was more than enough.

I started to paint one wall (and that was when I realized the peach was an OIL paint and I was trying to paint over with LATEX. Primer was picked up and I started again. Got one coat of latex white over the primer and expanded the small office space with another shelving unit. Things were ok. Very compact space but it worked for me. Didn't take a picture.

The office space is beside the stacking washer and dryer in the closet. 

The new units were a close fit - TALLER than the last ones. I sat in the living room and practiced slow breathing while the two installers put the dryer on top of the washer. Whew!

My dream - eventually the entire room would be painted white but for now one wall and a bit were just fine (I used this photo in an earlier post and ... never took an updated one, whoops).

Dream maker - Judy had a bit of time this week. She lives in the Cariboo Regional District and had come down to the Coast for a week to help with her younger grandkids - and she had two mornings available - we share the teenage grandkid and we have been great friends since the day we met (about 16 years ago).

Judy loves painting. It was a sunny day and warm enough to open the windows. The tarp on the bed has about 35 years of paint spills and splotches.

I am great at hauling stuff out of a room and filling in all the holes left from a great many pictures as well as removing those yellow plastic plugs for holding screws in drywall. The bed and one dresser stayed, the rest I stacked in the kitchen. 

Judy painted. Since I had moved out all the furniture and STUFF the night before, while she worked I cleaned brushes and got the tray cleaned for the wall paint after she finished the baseboards plus I made lunch, cleaned the top of the stove, ran the dishwasher... 

After Judy left to pick up her youngest grandchild from Daycare (a one year old sweetheart) I tackled the paint spots on the hardwood floor.

I sprayed them with (can you believe this?) SHOUT - and with damp sanding sponge rubbing the spots were gone. I washed the floor 3 times to get rid of the Shout and then dried it with towels.

Judy will be back Friday morning to paint the second coat of white Latex. Happy Dance.

I will hopefully be ready to share the putting the room back together again in my next post.

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  1. UI am so happy for you! You will love the white!! I don't have white walls myself but I love to look at those that do. Amber is going to have her house painted white - interior. SHe also has oil painted walls that have turned from cream to more yellow. They hire work done while we do it our self . but she has catherdral ceilings!! I could not do that!!

  2. How nice - I am sure you will love it when it's finished. We just painted 2 of our interior walls (open concept, just doing one wall at a time here and there) and it makes a difference.

  3. All of that white is going to freshen everything up. Good luck with the rest of the project.

  4. Well done!! This is quite a project! Wishing you much success!

  5. Joy - belated Happy Anniversary. What a milestone - good for you both! And how blessed you are to find someone who LIKES to paint - it is certainly my least favorite DIY task. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  6. ...there are few things that I hate more than painting, I lack patience and do a miserable job. But peach walls might be enough for me to call a pro in and I wouldn't wait 20 years! Good luck my friend.

  7. Hello, I do not like painting. The white is neutral and goes with everything. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  8. A lot to do but for sure the result pleases you! Happy MM.

  9. It's great to have friends who love helping with tasks such as painting. :-)

  10. The bouquet is beautiful Joy and happy belated anniversary! Friends helping with painting is always a wonderful thing!

  11. Your flowers are beautiful! And how nice to get help with the painting. It will be so nice when you are finished and can put the room back together! It's hard work!!!

  12. We may need a new washer/dryer set soon. When they built our condo they didn't make a closet space big enough for full size machines. We've been lucky with one brand but they no longer make one the same size as ours. Not sure what our solution will be. - Margy

  13. I enjoyed both chapters of the transformation! If the stacked washer/dryer in our Florida cottage breaks down we would probably have to take a wall down to remove and replace it. I don’t even want to think about it.


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