Thursday, November 21, 2019

Dream, Work Hard, Achieve

Such a pleasure to work in ... a small quiet, organized office.


The 60 x 52 inches space beside the closet is now my office


The washer and dryer are behind the curtain - in the small closet.

Last week, thanks to my dear friend Judy, the pale peach walls were quieted by painting them white.

The opportunity to clear out most of the contents of the room before painting let me work with a fairly blank slate.

Putting the room back together plus deciding what would be either stored elsewhere or donated was a slow process.

Returning only what I love or need, not finished yet.

The small very old handmade table that is now my 'desk' is just big enough for a laptop and a few small items.

Wiped the desk, all sides, with hemp oil. Love the leg detail and feet bottoms.

The old wooden pressed back arm chair fit in the space, it too has had a long life.

Narrow white shelving holds office necessities.

Added the old taller white shelf for the (smiling) printer plus space for 'stuff'. 

Look what bloomed this week - a red amaryllis.

This was my dream - to have a white room with a quiet office area.

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  1. What a transformation! That’s just the perfect office area for you and I love the white walls! I don’t have any of my own but I do think they are so restful. I also love your turquoise stool and I remember when you did that! I love how we create our very own personal living spaces and each one is unique to us and who we are and what we need. You are going to enjoy working here!

  2. The room is lovely - your flower is too!

  3. Oh my goodness, your printer really does have a smile! lol Judy is a wonderful friend for helping you create a fresh new space. It looks great! I am thinking about painting the walls white in my house this summer. It would be a huge task, so maybe I'll start with one room and see how it goes.

  4. That is a gorgeous room transformation, and I like the red pop of color in your amaryllis. I think the first word in your post title, Dream, is my favorite, we need to take time to chill out and dream before moving ahead.

  5. The room looks great Judy, so glad you have a special place.

  6. That’s brilliant! I love your office . We have lived in small spaces now for many years and know how much it means to properly utilize the space you have. You have achieved perfection here!

  7. What an excellent idea. I transformed my closet to a computer room too. Not quite as nice as yours just cozy

  8. Hello, your "new" office looks great! The Amaryllis is beautiful. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  9. Your highboy dresser looks a lot like the one my dad refinished for my baby clothes 70 years ago. I still have and treasure it. - Margy

  10. Your office looks comfy cozy. Perfect for dreaming and writing and doing sorts of office things.

  11. Joy - our dining room table is my "office", and sometimes I do wish for a space of my own, somewhere cozy. You have given me some ideas! Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  12. What a joy it will be to have the space so inviting! And guess what....the computer you have on your desk looks very familiar! I just got a new MacAir this week. I'm learning I type! heehee! Love your beautiful Amarylis! Enjoy your week.

  13. What a cute office, less place for clutter and mess. Love it.


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