Thursday, October 31, 2019

October Thrifts and Catching Up

Some thrifts are from long ago and some are part of my way too many collections. 

Can't ignore a pumpkin. Kitchenware finds.

Love the Halloween Trick and Treat Visitors - sweet costumes, careful parents making sure things go well as their children knock and call out 'trick or treat' and say thank you when they receive their treat.

Lanterns are 'new to me old finds' while the paintings, washboard and window are old collectibles.

The sweet Poole and Beswick creatures are quite endearing and part of my collection.

The rabbit tureen is from a friend. I think it was made in Italy. Lovely detail and painting.

Frost arrived and all the roses are really finished so I added the pink rose taken last week beside the 3 1/2" tall wooden stacking dolls, the tiny one is less than 3/4" tall.

Instead of On My Walk this week

DH has finished the several months of daily IV Therapy plus has recovered from his foot surgery on the 12th. 

No weight on his foot for these past 21 days - plus the next 2 weeks, he has managed with renting a collection of support equipment on wheels to make sure he could get around safely.

Tuesday afternoon this week DH decided that he would no longer stay in the basement bedroom (level entry which was wheelchair accessible) and from his wheelchair to the base of the steps, he very slowly and carefully walked (not using the front of his repaired foot) up the 7 steps (with 3 small landings) to the main floor and he was 'home'.  Wheelchair is in the back of the van ready for next appointment.

DH was very adept at transferring himself from the wheelchair into and out of the backseat of the van as well as inside transfers. He was a very cooperative patient and followed the Doctor's instructions to the letter.

I was caught unaware Tuesday afternoon with DH's shift from the basement/wheelchair accessible bedroom to our main floor and I had a VERY busy afternoon/evening shifting DH's things back upstairs and routing DGS's things back downstairs. 

They are BOTH much happier.

We both feel a big lift because things are starting to get back to normal. Not quite normal yet but certainly better than the last many months.

We are so grateful on that on October 11th the EMERG Doctor called in the Orthopaedic Surgeon and the Doctor for Infection Disease who both agreed DH would have surgery the next day.

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  1. Well done, both DH and you, Joy. Celebrate tomorrow (anniversary). Continued healing, DH.


  2. I am so glad your lives are getting back to normal!! Hurray!
    Absolutely love that lantern with the candle inside.
    Have a great weekend, Joy. :)

  3. Love seeing your finds, Joy, and hope your DH is well on his way to full recovery.

  4. So glad your husband is doing better and things are getting back to where they should be.

  5. Oh my. What a huge relief for all of you. There is s much work involved in convalescence, all the equipment and routines that must be followed. I am glad life is getting back to normal, and they your DH is healing. Hugs, Joy.

  6. Lovely to hear things are falling into place and he's feeling better! I'm sure that a big relief!! PS- I love your sparkly pumpkin! He's so happy!!

  7. I'm sure the healing will go faster now that things are feeling more back to normal. Hugs and best wishes for a continued positive road to recovery.

  8. Lovely findings, I loved your kitchenware display! Happy MM.

  9. Joy - I especially like the lanterns. Very unique. Glad all has gone well with your hubby's recovery and that things are returning to normal. I appreciate you taking the time to link to Mosaic Monday!

  10. I'm glad he was able to make it to the next to speak! Hope things go well and he heals quickly. Love the mug you found and those stacking dolls! Hugs!


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