Thursday, October 3, 2019

October 3 - Gutters

The past week I have been working on ...

refreshing an old grape vine wreath and ...

and taking maybe the last photos of the pink roses...

and back to work - clearing off most of the stuff from my back and front decks because... 

Taking Care of the Gutters:

the Gutter Guy was booked for Monday. We have not cleaned out our gutters properly for YEARS.

Here is one BEFORE and AFTER - The gutter was packed with composted leaves and was home to a section of plants (before/after).

The Gutter Guy ALSO screwed the soffit pieces that had slipped out of place back in place and he also unscrewed and removed the pieces of wood we had used to close the space a few years ago ... two birds thought this was a great nesting spot and we had to wait until they and their fledglings all LEFT)before propping the soffits in place.

I am so grateful to have the gutters both cleaned inside and outside (scrubbed clean with Dawn blue dish soap, a green scrubby, water to rinse and a lot of 'elbow grease' by the Gutter Guy and his partner who manned the hose to rinse as well as point to any missed spots, she also kept things very clean as they did their job. 

One of the corner gutter pieces (picture above) has been leaking buckets of rain water directly to one area of the deck floor and this has caused cracks and heaves in a small area of the deck ... the Gutter Guy removed the corner piece, cleaned, screwed back on again and caulked inside and outside, leaking problem solved.

I will be patching and sealing that spot asap, already have the supplies handy and I have done patching before (thank goodness).

Finally the Gutter Guy sprayed moss remover all over the roof, he will be back later in the fall after the leaves are finished to remove the blackened moss and give the roof a good rinse/sweep/rinse to clean off any debris. 

I didn't climb the Gutter Guy's VERY long ladder to look at the moss but I could see thick clumps near the corners of the house and along the top of the chimney.

Very relieved to have the gutters in working order (and CLEAN)and not dripping at that one corner plus the moss problem almost over.

Something I did for fun this week:

I put together a 'fresh' wreath for my front door...

a bit of black wire, 3 cheerful seasonal TY stuffies and a well used grapevine wreath.

On my walk: 

waiting for school to let out - what could be prettier than orange with yellow tipped dahlias in the sunshine - and saying HI to fellow walkers.

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  1. Wow, your gutter guy is worth every penny, looks like he did a great job. We usually do our own every other year but it is shocking how leaves get in there since we don't have any big trees near our roof.

  2. What great work he did! I never thought of moss removal but I can see how it could be an issue in damp areas. Wise move to hire him.

  3. OMGosh! I agree--your gutter guys were worth every penny! Looks great! Imagine what they will do cleaning up your mossy roof. ;)

    Lovely flowers. :)

  4. Cute wreath and gorgeous pink rose!Stunning dahlias too!Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. It is always wonderful to get a big job like that done. So glad you are pleased with the work. Love your wreath.

  6. Enjoy your clean and efficient gutters! Its nice when things work like they should.

  7. Will get our gutters worked on next month! Too much traveling this month to work it in! I must say the deep color of your dahlias is just beautiful! Happy week to you!

  8. Joy - I am so happy for you that your gutters have been fully repaired. You know it needs attention when small trees are growing there … You have probably saved yourselves thousands of dollars by ensuring that water does not back up onto the edges of your roof. And those dahlias are a shot in the arm for those of us already dipping our toes in Winter! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  9. Dahlias are such beautiful flowers. - Margy

  10. I love the dahlias, as well. Great wreath idea.
    Gutters are on my To Do list. I have one corner that is too high and scary for me. My daughter is visiting next weekend for thanksgiving. She's going to help! She is tall...
    Cheers from Canada!

  11. Hello, love your cute wrath and the pretty flowers. We recently had new gutters put on our home. I hope you are happy with the gutter work, it looks nice. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  12. It feels so great to get home improvements like that and done at this time of year. I love your cute wreath! Perfect!

  13. You hired yourself a thorough gutter guy. Very nice work. You've reminded me that I want to do an Autumn wreath for the door. I ought to get to it before Spring is here.

  14. I love it when a job is well done! The place looks great, isn't it funny how as homeowners we can get so excited about things like clean gutters and new roofs and working water heaters! I love your wreath, too...that crow is darling. He reminds me of the old cartoons I watched as a kid.

  15. Sounds like your gutter guys were a good investment! In Texas my roses die off in the summer because it is just too hot. Then they bloom again in the fall. So my rose bushes are now covered with flowers. Gardening is a little different here! Thanks for sharing with us at The Blogger's Pit Stop!

  16. Wow! What a difference that gutter team made! We had gutters installed a few years ago and Louis Dean gets on the roof and blows them all out twice a year. He put a gutter guard over one that is close to the pecan trees and that really helps.

    I’m saving all my old grapevine wreaths for when I take down and re do our front porch. I want to clean it all up, repaint it and then Louis Dean is going to attach a set of old rusty bedsprings to the ceiling and I’m going to thread grapevines through it and then add fairy lights. I am really looking forward to this but it probably won’t happen until next spring.....

  17. Happy Pink Saturday, Joy. You had a very busy week. You know that pink rose caught my eye. This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week.♥


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