Thursday, September 26, 2019

September Thrifts plus On My Walk


Crisp fresh air mixed with  ...


vintage bits and pieces - eggs cups are from England (Brama Reg.)

view-master with Disney $1,000,000 Duck, Peanuts and Flipper reels

ornate faux high heels filled with coffee spoons

all together.

I found this watercolour on Monday - maybe it is a bridge over water and there seems to be a foot bridge too ... it is signed HUNDANE.

On my walk ... 

leaves on a ground plant - I was thinking, maybe an ivy? Such sharp colours.

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  1. Hi Joy,
    Not quite sure how I stumbled across you blog but what a fun post. I love all the things you found and that Viewmaster is priceless. I spent hours as a kid looking at those disks. So much fun!
    Not sure what the plant it-some kind of ivy as you said.
    Hope you have a great day. I am your newest follower. Hugs- Diana

  2. That old viewfinder--OMG! You really do find the old treasures.
    That vine or whatever it is is just gorgeous. :)

  3. That plant is gorgeous! The colors are almost unbelievably vibrant!

    You found some geat things. The faux high-heeled shoes are my favorites. Next favorite is the watercolor--odd but interesting.j

    Thanks for sharing your treasures, Joy.

  4. I think I had a red view master when I was little. Great finds Joy!

  5. Such great finds! That view master brings back some good memories! Thanks for sharing with us at The Blogger's Pit Stop!

  6. Great findings!Love the spoons and the faux high-heeled shoes,so cute!That plant is gorgeous too. Happy week!

  7. Lovely old objects! I would love to have that French lily, too. Happy MM.

  8. Joy - amazing to find a Viewmaster these days, and with reels to go with it. That sure brings back memories. Glad you are getting out for a walk. We have had temps no higher than 45 the last two days, accompanied by snow. It is still September, right? Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  9. Hello, wonderful finds, and treasures. I like the cute high heals. The watercolor is beautiful. Lovely plant too. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  10. Our Roseann recommends your lovely post to be featured on the next Blogger's Pit Stop. Well done.

  11. I haven't seen so many egg cups in many years. I remember when they were used. That certainly dates me! Wonderful post! Have a wonderful week!

  12. What great finds. Love the spoon holders and I have an even older viewmaster from the 40s or 50s. It held rolled film.

  13. Isn't that Ivy gorgeous with the pink in the green! I love the old telephone and the view master! Lots of fun finds this week! Hugs!

  14. You found some great pieces - I really like the fleur-de-lis. What a great piece for a mantel or garden. The ivy is beautiful.

  15. Great finds! Love the book especially. Thanks for sharing at All About Home!

  16. The view master caught my eye--how I loved them as a child! Thanks for sharing your finds at Vintage Charm!


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