Thursday, September 19, 2019

Follow-up on September Work - Dishwasher

Picked up a few ceramic and plastic pumpkins at the thrift store - and one real pumpkin from the grocery store. Highlight of my week. You just have to smile at that silly witch hatted pumpkin.

The appliances were delivered and hooked up as promised.

The dishwasher sat in the kitchen until yesterday (that was the install date) so it was a week of hand washing everything. My fingernails were very clean.

The team that did the install was terrific - and OH NO - LOOK at the mess we had to deal with !!!!!!!! when they removed the old dishwasher. This was the only place in the kitchen we could NOT get to when looking for the rat invasion.

A rat hiding place behind the built-in dishwasher - turns out the rat ate most of the hose connecting the hot water to the machine. Machine would not work. We are lucky we didn't have a flood - fortunately for us the washer wouldn't start because the hose was damaged.

Since the old dishwasher was about 10 years old I bought another dishwasher before I found out the nasty mess/hose issue.

Yes I cleaned that mess up as fast as I could and the two installers screwed plywood pieces over the open area in the back to cover the hole. Didn't take any more pictures as they were working and I didn't want to interrupt anymore than I had already.

I disinfected and repeated and will do a lot more disinfecting until I feel everything is clean again. UGG.

Sometimes stuff happens and this was stuff.

P.S. Last night the rat was scratching against the wall. It isn't over yet.

New dishwasher works beautifully.

On my walk ...

Rain almost every day. Light rain mostly in the daytime and some thunder and heavy rain at night. The yellow rose bush is sharing again.

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  1. The darn rats are one of the only things I hate living in this climate about. Glad you got it sorted. My Mom used to live in an old mobile home, a rat ate all of her wiring in her furnace over one summer and she didn't find out until she went to turn it on in October. Glad she is out of that place. They are in my yard eating my bird food. I scream and yell but hate to use traps with Buddy around

  2. They are sneaky buggers! Glad they got found out even if it was this crummy way.
    Gorgeous roses! :)

  3. Great job on the pumpkin finds. A new dishwasher sounds wonderful, enjoy!

  4. Oh no!! How awful! Living on a farm we have to deal with invasions ( mainly of mice) when the weather gets cooler! We had trouble with some getting it the space between the downstairs ceiling & upstairs floor. They were eating all the cabling. We bought one of those appliances that make a noise we can’t hear but which bothers them and, thankfully, it seems to have worked!!

  5. Oh my goodness! After all that and you still hear the little bugger in the wall? Yikes! We've been getting giant smokey brown cockroaches in the house. We think they may be coming in through the attic. They are very common around here and since we have not had rain in ages, they are looking for water. Horrible creatures!

  6. RATS....YUCK. Nice when you get a new piece to make the kitchen look great and to work for you instead of standing there to wash them. I never use mine since it is just me but I should least to hide the dirty dishes in...haha

  7. We get rats all the time in our garage - I'm just thankful they haven't entered the house yet! They sure are nasty! Glad you got a new dishwasher out of it though! Thanks for sharing with us at The Blogger's Pit Stop!

  8. Hello, I am glad you did not have a flood from the dishwasher. I hear mice in our house, hopefully no rats. Right now we are being attacked by the icky stink bugs. Your pumpkin display is cute! Happy Fall! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  9. I hope you get rid of that critter...they sure can tear things up! Love your yellow roses!

  10. Your post was so interesting that I spent some time exploring your blog. Great tutorials and engaging writing!

  11. Joy - so, do you think the old dishwasher would have still worked? I know, rats and mice just make me shiver. I remember when we moved back into our house in Cleveland (it had been empty for three years while we were in England), the first night a mouse ran right over the fireplace! I am a little sad that we will be in England for Halloween this year, but I think my in-laws can find some pumpkins for us to carve! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  12. Rats are such nasty creatures. I'm glad you were able to discover the entrance and block it so they can't get to the new dishwasher.

  13. We had a mouse nvasion last week, so I share your pain. So far so good this week. I am jealous of your rain. No rain here for going on two months. It's horrible.


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