Thursday, July 11, 2019

Front Garden July 11

Front Garden July 11th

Wondering about writing a post for today while sitting outside  on the front small deck, reading A Stitch in Time by Monica Ferris (murder mystery around a small-town needlework group and a missing religious tapestry plus an ex-husband who was chasing a several million dollar ex-wife's inheritance) - just right for a summer evening.

Enjoying the fruit of my dear friend Val's labours because she had spent two mornings this week weeding and edging and clipping and bagging the weeds and clippings from the front yard. She does this every summer for my Birthday Present - wow - and so very much appreciated. (Val is a wonderful gardener).

Brown paper bagged the weeds and clippings - including some that had 'wintered over'. DH drove the truck with those many paper bags to our local transfer station's green recycling area.

Back to the front yard...

Close up of planters beside the 'cement girl'.

Favourite summer blossoms - blue hydrangea.

Close up of the blue hydrangea

and roses

then the orange lily (a lovely large grouping each year) and the potted begonia and a rose bush.

Gravel and sidewalks all tidied.

Love summer gardens.

Love having a good friend 

who makes the front yard tidy and inviting.

Thank you friends for visiting today.


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  1. And what a beautiful garden it is! I think I would be content to sit there and stare at the flowers for far too long each day! I wouldn't get anything done...not that I would mind that. ;)

  2. How beautiful and what lovely flowers! :)

  3. Indeed, summer gardens are remarkable.

  4. Your flowers are drop dead gorgeous!!! Is there an extra chair on that porch? How I would love to sit and visit with you there!

  5. What beautiful gardens! I absolutely love the blue hydrangeas!

  6. Gorgeous. Especially that hydrangea.

  7. What a charming little spot to sit and enjoy your lovely blooms!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  8. Your gardens are beautiful! The hydrangeas are fabulous!

  9. What an amazing birthday present, and your garden is so lovely. Enjoy your reading nook and those beautiful flowers.

  10. Joy - you have a lovely garden. So glad to know that you are taking some time to sit in it with a book - glorious! And what a clever idea for a birthday present … many of us do not need more STUFF, so a practical gift such as that from Val is very precious. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday - it's good to have you back again!

  11. You've got a wonderful friend, Joy. Your garden is happy and cheerful.

  12. That is a perfect gift from a gardening friend! Your garden looks a perfect place to sit, read and enjoy.
    Happy days
    Wren x

  13. Your garden is just gorgeous and you have the best friend with the best birthday gift!! Thanks for sharing your lovely 'gift' with us.

    My Corner of the World

  14. What a beautiful tour of your garden. Enjoy!


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