Thursday, June 6, 2019

Front Porch Clean-up

Front Porch

Time to wash off the dust of winter and spring from the front porch. 

Small but big enough for a chair and a small table for coffee and a book. Great place for tying shoes before going out.

Didn't change much.  Cleared off bits and pieces that needed to find a new home or be released.

Swept then washed the floor boards, hauled stuff to the carport for now, brought out the white metal table from the back deck.

Checked to make sure the tea mug was a convenient reach and the chair was comfortable. Lunch in the sunshine.

Read another chapter, enjoyed my lunch. Rested.

Almost ready for the annual sand and prep 
and repaint the deck and steps and touch up trim and the front door.

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  1. I love your cozy nook, it sure is nice to have somewhere to sit outside, isn't it? Your peonies are beautiful

  2. What a sweet little nook! I could see a nice tall plant in the pot behind the chair and maybe a viney one in a pot on the little table. Wish my front porch--I call it a stoop-- was big enough to sit on. Can't complain, though, I have a big deck in back where I can sit. It's undergoing an overhaul right now so can't decorate it like I'd like yet, but soon, hopefully. Need a new table and chairs and unbrella, then I'll be in business!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your front porch! A place to sit, eat, drink, read.....what more can you ask for?? Wishing you many happy meals and refreshing drinks and good reads from your front porch this summer!

  4. It looks like a lovely place for a respite. I've always wanted a front charming.

  5. Such a lovely little place for lunch and a bit of rest.

  6. Such a cute and cozy spot.. I have the opposite problem. Our deck and patio area is so large that I often have a hard time arranging furniture on it in without it looking like a clutter mass of stuff or an empty space that still needs decorating.

  7. Lovely. Happy mosaic Monday


  8. You've created a sweet and cozy place to hang out. You've got me thinking I ought to give the front porch a Spring cleaning.

  9. Joy - isn't it amazing how a little spit and polish can make such a difference? And what a delightful place for afternoon tea! Thanks for sharing with all your friends at Mosaic Monday!

  10. I love your porch. We spend a lot of time on ours. I write in the mornings on our screen porch.


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