Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mother's Day 2019

Mother's Day takes on different meanings as one leaves the comfort of having a Mother who is still with us.

I treasure this last photo of Mom before she went into a Care Facility. We had gone out for dinner and celebrated together and she was happy.This photo is from 2008. Mom was 88.

Dad visited Mom every day right up until March 29, 2013 when she quietly passed away with family at her side.

Honouring Mothers everywhere and remembering my Mom, her Mom, Dad's Mom, Aunties. Sister, Cousins, Nieces, DH's Mom, his Grandma and Aunties and Cousins and Sister. 

I am remembering other Moms who have shared a hug with me when I needed one and others I have hugged because they needed one and my blogging friends who are remembering their Moms and the Dads and Grandparents who are/were the Moms to their families.

Hugs and Love



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