Thursday, May 23, 2019

May Flowers and Garden Additions

The May flowers are such a visual treat.

Using up more pieces of wood from the fence that blew down and from pieces that need to be useful DH has been making small garden frames - easier to reach, weed and harvest. So far potatoes have been planted - that is DGS's area of the garden.

And ... DGS and his Mom brought over a bright red Rhodo for Mother's Day the previous Sunday.

Sunday this week DGS and his Mom brought over a lilac that she can't plant in their yard and so was added to my yard Wednesday (DGS is the hole digger and planter).

Bonus - DGS is now working on digging out a very long underground root that visited and prospered in our yard - from next door - an acacia I think. DGS soaked the soil around the root so he can get the gardening fork under the off-shoot roots.

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  1. Nice to have the help - those garden boxes sure are easier than old fashioned garden beds.

  2. Nothing better than a good strong helper!! Everything looks so pretty and green. I hope your new plants thrive for you. :)

  3. I've been a gardener all my life, often wishing for more time in the sun. Now that I'm closer to retirement, my large gardens are shrinking as I move to smaller more manageable space.

  4. I love that you repurposed the old fence and made those boxes. What a great idea! You are lucky to have such a good helper! Love the rhodo and lilac.

  5. How fun to have so many beautiful plants in your garden. Enjoy!

  6. It's great to have a handsome DGS helping out! I'm looking forward to my poppies opening soon... happy MM.

  7. Joy - so happy to have you back at Mosaic Monday. Yes! May flowers - a light for the heart and the eye. In autumn, I always think it's my favorite season. But then springs rolls around and I am in love! How blessed you are to get a rhodie AND a lilac! Have a super week!

  8. Hello, it is wonderful to have help from DGS. Your flowers are all beautiful. I love spring time. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  9. Nothing like gardening to feel alive - great additions to the garden!


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