Thursday, May 2, 2019

Fence Part 2 and Planting the Flower Boxes

Rebuilding the Backyard Fence Part 2

DH and DGS finished the fence. Painting hasn't quite caught up but no worries. If you didn't read part 1 - the fence blew over during the very strong early February winds.

Main purpose - a fence - a divider between two yards.

Last section of fence finished.

It will be handy to have access (where the 'gate' will go) to the neighbours yard to paint the 2x4's - which I wish I had done first.

DH started to built a 'replacement' gate to attach between the two close-together posts. There has been a 'gate there since we moved in 38+ years ago. It has been 'screwed shut' by the neighbours but we will still replace it.

DH unscrewed the gate from the support posts (so you know it was not a 'working' gate).  Removed a rotten fence piece - and  decided to 'replace' the gate. He will finish the gate and hinge it in place with hooks on both sides.

Lots of smaller stuff left to finish but those are smaller less obvious jobs.

Recycled - unpainted unusable rotted posts and boards for the garden recycling centre.

Saved: pieces of board that MAY have a use sometime, cleaned up any messes we made doing the work around the fence and shed area.

I am so glad that job is mostly 'finished' and the two yards are again divided by a fence.

Thanks for hanging in and visiting (hanging in is another fence joke).

I was the 'gofer' on this project. Working outside gave me time to think about what the priority jobs for the next couple of months will be. 

First up - the front flower boxes.

Filled the front yard flower boxes - on April 25th the Laity Farm opened their plants for sale yearly event. I added marigolds, dusty miller and white alyssum.

On May Day I added 3 empty flower planter boxes to the grouping (stored in the carport for years) and filled them with SeaSoil. More visits to Laity Farm plant sales ahead.

Added two shade plants in another small planter "Dragon Wing Red Begonia". Tag says 12-15" tall and 18" wide. Blooms summer until frost. Likes sun to partial shade, heat tolerant, moderate water.

Red flowering plants went into the round planter.

More garden jobs to tackle.

Lists will be made.

I am so very grateful that 
I am able to work on my garden this year.


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  1. This is a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

  2. There is always something to be fixed :) I love your recycled flower boxes in grey wood. Recycling is important to me, too. Wishing a sunny week. Don't make too long lists!

  3. Joy - I had not read about the storm and the fence, but it looks like the replacement should last for many years (and now the gate works, too!) I am jealous that you are planting your flowers in boxes and pots. I desperately want to add some color around here, but the chance of frost is still too great at this point! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday this week!

  4. Like Robert Frost once said:"Good fences make good neighbors!" It's so nice to see your flower boxes--they will look gorgeous as the flowers grow!

  5. It's always a lovely time of year when the summer plants get potted out isn't it?
    Happy gardening!
    Wren x

  6. trult awesome - loved your idea - thanks for joining us in Bloggers Pit Stop - Pit Stop Crew

  7. I like the rustic look of your fence - it's much the same as ours. Working in the garden is such a delight these warm May days, but a little rain would be welcome!

  8. Now that's what I call a transformation #grandmasbriefs@_karencennis


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