Friday, May 10, 2019

1911 Singer Sewing Machine

Well used. 

Aug. 1 - 1911

Old Singer, not working as far as I know, dropped off by an old friend.


Key missing.

Screw driver?

Yes, did look up 'how to unlock' on YouTube

Size of the slot is 3 mm so we tried  - very gently - with a 3 mm screwdriver and it did open

So much worn out.

Small peek at this very old Singer - and I will finish this tour another day.

Finally, in the backyard the 
orange azalea bloomed.

A quiet post today.

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  1. Your orange azalea is beautiful. Mine are in bloom too. I just replaced one at the condo we own where Mom lives - the most beautiful fuschia colour, absolutely beautiful, as are old singer sewing machines. The tales that machine could tell.

  2. Love old sewing machines, but do not know how to fix them. Clever getting it open.
    Your flowers are beautiful. :)

  3. Don’t you wish that old sewing machine could talk? What amazing stories it could tell.....
    I have two vintage machines. They are both in wooden stands so they are closed. Ruth Ann has some vintage ones that she turned into peddle machines instead of electric. She uses them to quilt out on her front porch.
    You flowers are beautiful! When spring arrives up there it is truly gorgeous!
    Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow!


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