Thursday, April 11, 2019

Easter 2019

Memories. Making Memories.

My Sister and her Daughter stopped to visit on Sunday and that was a special treat - heartfelt hugs, time for catching up and tea.

DGS is here this week so more hugs happened, plus he is tall enough to check the smoke detectors, change light bulbs without using a ladder, haul heavy stuff up the back stairs, chat a bit - and he cooks too.

Rained a lot, and when it didn't rain we were too tired to work on the fence (aside from adding 3 more cedar boards). Stuff happens.

I didn't pull up my kale in the late fall - so it is growing and growing. I haven't tried to eat it, the leaves feel quite tender - is kale a perennial?

This week and last week I have a head cold/dry cough so aside from doing laundry, keeping the dishwasher empty/full/empty and groceries/meals and napping as needed ...

The finding, cleaning, researching, writing up stock and putting it into my booths continued.

Our rhodo is late to bloom this year - the picture below is from April 3rd 2016.

A blast from the past - we (DH andI) had just painted (2011) the Welsh dresser and the wooden egg cups and displayed the Ukrainian Pysanka traditionally decorated eggs.

In memory of my Dear Mom.
Her funeral was March 29, 2013. I missed her funeral and the gathering of memories and recording dates as I was in the hospital then. I have the flowering plant my Sister brought over from Mom's funeral - and it continues to bloom.

I dearly wished I had asked her more questions when she could remember.
She was such a hard worker and didn't complain, just carried on. Bless her soul.

I remember so much and didn't ask enough questions when Dad was still with us. He passed on October 5, 2015. Dad had a Wordpress blog and I have been re-reading it lately, to me now it feels like an on-line book that has themes and opinions and history from his life as he saw it and remembered. We left it up, mostly because the password was changed (not by me) and ... when the Bishop conducted Dad's memorial funeral in early November 2015 ( she read his blog late into the night before) she shared what she read in her sermon with love. A lovely and kind and loving Bishop.

I have so many more questions that I didn't ask.

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  1. Sweet, Joy! I don't remember the plant from Mom's funeral. Go ahead and eat that kale - it's just fine. I've been eating what I thought was kale, and it turns out it was the leaves from broccolini! Which I will now harvest.
    your sis

  2. Tea sounds good right now and so does family visits
    I am so sorry about your parents passing and you not well enough to ask questions.
    It's a different time in our lives for sure when our parents are no longer with us, However it's very true they live in yours hearts and all the memories .

    That kale looks really good to me

  3. Love the eggs and the flowers.
    My mother is still alive but doesn't like personal questions and never has--LOL! I didn't find out she and dad eloped until I was in my 20s. ;)

  4. I did not know you have been never complain. Please know that I love you and pray you get completely restored to health.
    Memories.....I have regrets that I didn't ask more questions. Of my mother....and older friends. This is one reason I am writing my book.....for my children and my siblings children. Perhaps they will be interested.....but who knows? At least they will have some case they have some questions.

  5. I love that your dad had a blog that you can still read and that the flowering plant you got from your mom's funeral still blooms. My mom had beautiful hosta plants and when I had my home in PA, I planted some of it there. It grew gloriously. I regret not taking any with me to AL, but alas, it doesn't do that well here. She loved her patio garden and my dad loved relaxing in his chaise soaking up the sun. I hope to build a patio with flowers around it eventually too so I can sit, relax and remember them.

  6. How lovely that your dad's blog is still up for people to visit when they feel the heart tug. I hope you get all the rest you need!

  7. Beautiful & touching memories... The Ucranian painted Easter eggs ar really beautiful. Wishing you a blessed Easter.

  8. Enjoyed your lovely photos. Happy Easter.

  9. Hello, lovely memories andimages. The eggs, flowers and plants look beautiful. Happy Easter to you and your family. Enjoy your day! Have a great new week ahead.

  10. Joy - so glad to see you return to Mosaic Monday! I have never tried to grow kale, but I can't see any harm in throwing some in a pot to see how it tastes! Your decorated eggs are stunning - a wonderful collection. I can relate to your comments about your Mom - my Dad died on April 12, 1998, and I could not go the funeral because I was due to deliver our son any day. To this day I feel a lack of closure. So, I make a point to Skype with my Mom every week, and I have been collecting her stories. I hope you have a very blessed Easter!

  11. It sure brings back memories when the time of year comes and we always wish we had asked more questions and had more time with them. I need to write more things down. Hope you have a blessed week my friend!

  12. Such sweet thoughts and memories. Your parents sound like they were such gentle people. Love you, Joy.....


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