Thursday, March 7, 2019

Do You Remember

Do You Remember ...

Having reached the years of remembering when the early 60's were fresh... watched Happy Day's and visited a few retro 50's diners over the years...

I decided to post a 'do you remember' picture.

This wall mount Diner Menu has been 'resting' in my store room for a few years. 

So, today - a menu from a 50's diner.

The prices are certainly different and I don't know if they are the imagination of the last owner of this sign or just a creative use of the few letters and numbers that were available.

A close-up of the back chain, a corner showing its age and the 'sign' with the letters pushed into the groves.

A treasure from the past. 

Have you saved a piece of history?

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  1. I love nostalgic pieces like this. They trigger great memories.

  2. I'll happily take a slice of pie and hot cocoa for under a buck!

  3. I love it Joy. I remember signs like that at my church growing up, not with Coke on them but to put up announcements and such.

  4. You used to see those signs all over the place. :)
    Remember I said I signed up to get your posts via email? Well, I just now got aan email with links to every post you have made since last October--LOL! I can't read them all now, but I am hoping that maybe I will get them more often now. Good grief! This huge bunch up happens to me with two other bloggers. No clue why.

  5. One of my favorite things about vintage decor is the nostalgic memories that are triggered. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm, Joy. Pinned!


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